11 Days to I Do…..

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11 days to go

Today I’m feeling a bit anxious. I’ve finished all of my DIY projects and one more thing to get for myself (brooch)…I went to Target today on my lunch break with one of the gift cards I got from the bridal shower my job threw me…I was looking for a bracelet to complete my bridal look…I was trying to be like the “cool kids” and get one from EBay or one of the trendy places brides get their stuff online, but I’m at the “eh” point with my planning…I actually found a really pretty one for $18.99…I’m so dang cheap…Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have bought it, but a $25.00 gift card was all I needed to get over myself….my cheap self…So here’s what I got:

Ree\'s Bracelet


I’ll make sure to shave my arm hair for the photo op…lol! That’s one of my pet peeves…Arm hair…I don’t have much, but something about bracelets…They’re like a flashing light saying, “HEY look…Arm hair!!!” I know…I’m nuts…But I have to make sure my pictures look fabulous…It’s all about the pictures…Seriously…
So now that I’m at this point, I’m literally twiddling my thumbs looking for stuff to do…I’m going to have to really keep myself in check…The inner DIY diva is getting restless. I’ve done so many projects…It’s almost a sin…Martha Stewart would definitely give me the disapproval look, but I aint got Martha’s money, so she’s going to have to give me a free pass…

Planning has been a blast for me, and developing my theme and watching it come together has been so gratifying…I’m doing a Garden Tea Party and we’re getting married at sunset on a Friday night, so I chose sunset colors for my wedding (Burnt Orange, deep red, gold, and chocolate). I’ve done some fun projects like:
Fan Programs

The personalized aisle runner

The Cake Table Runner

The table numbers

The Card Box (disregard the random junk around it…)

Yeah…DIY was very necessary as our budget was insanely low ($7500). We decided to invite a few people (60) rather than a lot…I said NO…make that HELL NO to the plastic tablecloths…So DIY queen I became…
So now it’s over…No more planning or projects…(tear) So now I’m getting anxious… I’m sitting up day dreaming about the day…How it’s going to go, who I’ll probably need to choke (I think that’s going to be my fiancé’s mother or sister), who I’m definitely going to shank (my fiancé’s dad for continuing to try to invite people…I’mma roundhouse kick him before I shank him…I see that now…)…
So I have NOTHING to do…Hmmm….I love this feeling…We’ll see what happens tomorrow…I’m sure somebody is going to make me want to “windmill” them…


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