6 Weeks married…

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I’m getting sick of the questions, “How are you enjoying married life” OR “I bet you two are up alllllll night!” ::wink, wink:: God, I could vomit…

Truth is married life IS different…

Sex?  Without details, it’s definitely different for me.  I remember the first time I caught a glimpse of his wedding band during sex…Never had THAT view before…It was special, to say the least..

Honestly, I feel like we’ve gotten closer.  DH has had his own little revelations that he said he would have never fully understood UNTIL he actually got married.  I can dig that.  Not that he loves me more or is more commited; somehow the perspective changes a bit.  It seems like it does. 

I feel more relaxed actually.  I don’t know if it’s because the planning is over, but I’m very relaxed.  Looking back, I almost wish we would have just eloped.  Not that I didn’t enjoy my wedding, but wehn I think about the fact that I could have been HERE 2 years ago, it makes me want to kick myself, lol…I’m LOVING being married.

Something that I’ve not gotten used to is referring to DH as my “husband”…That cracks me up…When we go places and introductions begin, in my mind I’m always saying, “Wait for it….Wait for it….” BAM!  “and this is my WIFE, Charise” or “and this is my HUSBAND, Larry”… I don’t know how long it’s going to take for me to get used to that TITLE…

Posted by Chariseraynee   @   4 August 2008 2 comments

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Aug 8, 2008
8:03 PM
#1 Gia (chosen07) :

I have the stupidest grin when I say “this is my husband”. definitely feel you on that!!!

Aug 16, 2008
3:48 PM
#2 Trice :

I now get offended if I get called by my maiden name. Now that is weird. I like to just call him husband randomly. In my case I feel like our family is complete now.

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