70% of Black women are Single?? I doubt it…

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So all day I’ve been seeing tweets running rampant with this Statistic that 70% of Black women are single… From the best of my research this comes from a radio program ( that I’ve yet to identify) and they got it from this Oprah clip

Okay so
#1 Shame on Oprah for not attributing where the statistic came from.
#2. Statstics can be swayed in either directions.
#3 WHAT THE F**K???

So a lot of the tweets that I’ve been reading have been saying its because black women have a hard time finding brother of there economic and social class, Cause all the brothers are marrying white girls, cause black women are too picky, and all kind of blah, blah, blah, But can these reasons really be the reason for 70% rate of single black women?

I, also, want to say that I think that the 70% statistic must be inflated but I do know that whatever the statistic is there are way too many sistas out here who are struggling to find the one…

What do ya’ll think?

Posted by thehdic   @   8 July 2009 1 comments

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Jul 10, 2009
1:08 AM
#1 mariposa :

I agree, it’s probably inflated. None of my friends are single, almost all are married. And we live in ATL, where the myth is that it’s hard to meet a good man.

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