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So last night was my stepdaughters birthday dinner… My stepdaughter is pretty awesome… And I realllyyy can’t believe that she is 10. All I can think of is the first time I met her… She was so little and asked me to watch Finding Nemo with her and gave me the full and complete play by play of what was happening on the screen! She also used to call me “Senamie” then, but now she is waaaayyyyy to cool for that. She may start to call me, “Old lady, who makes me clean up my room” before the year is out!

Anyway around here for birthdays we have a dinner as a family and the birthday girl or boy can choose ANY Restaurant they want… Thankfully fore our wallets, these folks haven’t figured out what fine dining is… Typically the kids choices are Chuckie Cheese, Old Country Buffet, Rainforest Cafe, and stuff like that… Although when her older brother had his dinner last month, he chose Chili’s. Because as he said, Now that he’s a preteen and all he needs to expand his tastes… So we classed it up with 2 for $20 Big Mouth Burgers all around!

While my stepdaughter is all about the classy, but she’s no fool! She chose a chinese buffet all you can eat Orange Chicken & Jello is all she needs! Well that & the Jonas Brothers! LOL

Anyway we had a fun night out as the whole family. It was FREEZING, RAINY, AND NASTY out but we still manage to look damn good… We still all look like and ad for the United Colors of Beneton when we go out…

Its always funny to watch the people trying to figure out how we all fit as a family…. I don’t mind it though. Cause we figured out we fit just fine a long time ago….

But I really should have taken a pic cause we all had on various shades of grey and all matched a bit. We looked damn good. Michael and the boys all had on sweater vests… Yup the twins wore the cutest little sweater vests with white dress shirts and jeans… When we took them out of their car seats like 4 tables of people, Awwwwwwww’ed out loud… It was hilarious and very cute.

The food was shockingly bad.

I love grease and sweet, which is typically where a Chinese Buffet shines brightest, but this mess was GROSS. And the waitress was shockingly weird. I asked her for kid waters for the babies and she came back with freaking big gulp size cups filled to THE TOP with water and ice and then proceeded to place each glass DIRECTLY in front of each of them… They were BESIDE themselves! Clay literally CLAPPED! LOL!  They just knew they were going to be giving the tables ice water baths! Luckily Michael and I snatched them glasses up quick before the babies could have created the Nile river all over the tables and our dinners!

Anyway on the way home Michael and I had a convo about how terrible the food was! He was like the Ice Cream sucked. So that lead us to a convo about the ice creams that we have at home… So I don’t know if I’ve told ya’ll this before but Michael is the greatest Ice Cream lover ANYWHERE… I mean I could tell you a zillion stories about this dude and his Ice Cream Obsession…

But let me just say… when we first started dating we took that obligatory first grocery store trip together. I now know how HUGE that is cause my baby HATES shopping and we have probably been in a grocery store together 2 since that in the almost 8 years we’ve been together.  He will go but he will much rather starve and just wait for me to.  LOL Anyway….

So its our first shopping trip together, and there were three fabulous/hilarious things that stood out about that trip:

1. He’s a food snob but realllyyy Cheap. I grabbed 2 boxes of Jiffy Cornbread mix and he was like ” Tsk, Tsk, I thought you were a real chef !?! You don’t make your cornbread from scratch?” ( After he tasted my delicious version of Senam’s Smack Yo Mama Cornbread Delight his story changed)

2. He bought Crest toothpaste cause I had mentioned that I hated the AquaFresh that he had at his house. Like seriously, it was just an off handed comment. But I thought it was fantastically sweet when he reached for the Crest and asked me, “Is this the one you like, Baby?”

And not the little Ben and Jerry’s small ones… Nope… the big Honking half a gallon ones…

He eats Ice cream every night before bed.  And is still stick skinny. I get fat from just moving the ice cream container over in the freezer to get ice for my water… NONSENSE! And he’s all about the variety… He needs to rotate them boys… Me on the other hand all I need is Chocolate Fudge Brownie and I’m a happy woman!
Anyway so he was talking about how the Chinese Buffet had committed the Cardinal Sin o’ Caref and served bad ice cream. So then I said, “Hey, what up with the Ice Cream choices we have at home.” I was out of town last week and they ran out of ice cream so he was FORCED to take the kids to the grocery store by himself! ( HA!)  Anyway they bought some new flavors that are nasty :Fish and Grits Ice Cream, Ass Crack and Cream? I kid but you get the point. So we giggled about the flavor combos and then I said well you know me, I’m a one ice cream kinda gal.

So we get home and we are unloading all 50-11 of these kids we got and taking up bags and crap. So after everything is upstairs Michael  grabs his raincoat and runs downstairs again.  I assume that he is getting something he forgot out the car. So I get changed, give Solstice a bath and start getting the twins ready for bed too… And when I’m done with all this I realize that Michael is nowhere to be found. Its been almost 20 mins by now… Where is he? So just as I’m about to call 911. In walks my husband, SOAKED thru and thru carrying a target bag with what in it….

Yup… This dude walked in the RAIN to Target to go get me the flavor of Ice Cream I like…. No other reason… Trust me I asked! I was like… Ummm why did you go to Target.. He said, To get you ice cream! All Nonchalant and shit… Like that wasn’t the biggest pimp move since I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT!  He did it just so I could when the spirit moved me have the flavor I liked….

So then I proceeded to do this….


Yea, Its official…. My husband is ALL KINDS OF AWESOME!!!  So I will now be coming home with a bag with nothing but this in it…

tee hee.

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Oct 23, 2009
2:16 PM

Ooohhhhhh child…. You go girl.

Make your man happy. Just try not make no more twins again… LOL.

That is the sweetest thing, what a GOOD man! :-)

Oct 23, 2009
2:24 PM
#2 Stacy :

HAHAHAHA!!! Way to go Mr Caref!

Oct 23, 2009
2:32 PM
#3 Kale :


Oct 23, 2009
3:56 PM
#4 blacksred :

Love IT, don’t they always surprise you with the mack moves!!

Oct 23, 2009
4:00 PM
#5 Pam Jennings :

Senam that was such a great story! Your man is totally awesome!!!

Oct 23, 2009
5:03 PM
#6 Cathy :

Great story!

Oct 24, 2009
6:30 PM
#7 Alesia :

That was awesome! I need for your husband to give my husband some tips and instructions on how to be great like that.

Oct 25, 2009
2:18 PM
#8 tami Reed :

Girl you are a hoot! That was funny but glad you had a great time!

Dec 10, 2010
1:53 PM

great story thanks for sharing

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