Am I missing out?

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I started dating! I met a nice man a few weeks after the separation whom I have been spending time with. I enjoy his company. I mean I really do, but a piece of me feels like I’m missing out. I am not sure what I feel I’m missing out on though.

We have chemistry and get along well. A piece of me wants more. I don’t know if I want more from us. Though, I believe I am happy at the level we are at. I mean I’ve only known him for two months. What do I expect.

I am not sure if I want more from him. I could use some romance and a little bit more, but that goes back to how long we’ve known each other. I am not sure if I want more since I just came out of a relationship with a lot “more”.

I am considering dating someone else while dating him. Right now I think that is the only way I can tell if I am really missing out. As much as I do not want to date more than one person, I need to know. I don’t owe him anything. We are not dating exclusively. Well… haven’t agreed to but are. I guess I need to have this conversation with him.

I will keep my options open. I may just find out I am not missing anything at all.

Posted by Apearl   @   30 June 2008 2 comments

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Jun 30, 2008
5:50 PM
#1 tashtang :

I think it is early enough for your to still leave your options open, especially if you feel that you maybe missing something with this guy. Who knows, if you go out with someone else, you may realize that you weren’t missing anything in in the first place. Have that conversation with him really soon about being exclusive…..

Jun 30, 2008
7:17 PM
#2 Lisa :

First off just let me say, I am so excited for you. In the beginning of a new undefined relationship is an exciting time, while at the same time you are completely unshackled by the expectations of a full blown relationship! Please be honest with him, I know you will and most of all Good Luck and Have fun being, sexy, sassy and single in the city!!

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