And I almost fainted…

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No, seriously. I’m not being dramatic in the least. I ::seriously:: almost fainted. Why?
Um…okay…to make a long story short my bridesmaid L and I went out for a “girls night out” on Saturday. While getting ready to leave, I fell, twisted my ankle and…::clears throat:: broke my engagement ring.
Yes, Mister Mr. is still with me and didn’t harm me! Lol
Really, I didn’t break it as much as a stone fell out. Now, here’s where it gets tricky. While Mister Mr. did purchase insurance on the ring, he completely forgot that in order for the insurance to stay active, he had to take it to the jewelers every 6 months for an inspection. Yeah…we missed the last inspection by 2 weeks.
Bummer, I know.
So the ring was sent off and we were told they would give us a 50% discount on the repair. I’m just hoping and praying it’s not a lot. The best thing was that Mister Mr. wasn’t mad at me…and said “If you had lost the ring completely, then I might’ve been extremely pissed, but it’s just a stone; it can be replaced!”
Awwww…he loves me.
So, let’s have a moment of silence for “Sparkle La Licious” as we knew her.

I’m about to cry looking at it. I feel naked without my e-ring on and now I have to go purchase one of those faux rings just ’cause I cant stand to see the┬átan-line on my finger.
Ebonee Monique
Posted by eboneemonique   @   13 July 2009 3 comments

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Jul 14, 2009
3:02 PM
#1 thehdic :

Brok your engagement RING!! GOod lord!! I ain’t even read the rest yet! The broke ring got me shook lol….

let me go read the rest!

Sparkle La Licious! LMAO!! I’m soglad its gettingworked out! 50% off is better than nothing! I’ll take it!

Jul 16, 2009
2:30 AM
#2 Gina :

wow! Thats a crazy insurance claim, every 6 months? What are they looking for? I guess 50% is better than nothing. I would’ve just claimed that I looked down and it was a stone missing.

Sep 8, 2009
9:24 PM
#3 Kim :

How sad! That’s a shame your ring broke! I’d be devastated! My fiance and I are looking at tungsten rings because they are said not to break, scratch or lose their shininess.

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