And they lived happily ever after…

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the end!!! Wait we are just getting started!

So I’ve done did it now, moved on up to the role of wife, and now blogger! It’s me, Rahael aka Sweetpy aka yourguru to the greenbacks. I am here to teach you fabulous Babbies all you need and want to know about money. My dear Senam has blessed me with opportunity to do what I have always wanted to do in life, help others in the world of personal finances, and I am forever grateful to her. For my duration on this blog, I will write about everything from the basics – How do I budget for my wedding?? to I want to make sure my children are taken care of in case something happens to me to what’s the best way to grow my money? -and Babbies, that may not always mean buy a home. 

For my first act ladies and gentlemen,  I will wow you with the ins and outs of my fabulous nuptials which occurred a little more than a week ago. This has little to do with money but since I have your attention, I might as well AW all day long!  Time flies when your day gets going so take time to enjoy it.

Sunday July 27th- So it begins…

Louis (DH) and I land at Seatac Airportaround2:30 in the morning, arrive at my parents house around 4 and sleep for a few hours knowing the madness is looming and that it will be non-stop for the next week. My fabulous sister threw me the most beautiful shower that afternoon. Here she is serving on of the signature drinks, a pomegranate margarita.

Emma serving drinks 

I’m not a gamy type person so the afternoon was spent reminiscing over old memories, learning about what has been going on in people’s lives and receiving great advice on marriage. Needless to say I received some fabulous gifts, lingerie, several new scents, and a breakfast in bed kit to name a few of my favorites. All in all it was a fabulous day!

I'm not frowning, just overly emotional!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were spent running aroundlike crazy! On Monday my beautiful BFF Kristan (pictured above in the white pants), my husband to be, and I went to our reception tasting (yes 5 days before w-day), bought all of the paper for placecards, signs and programs and had a celebratory pre-wedding dinner. On an earlier post on BAB, I eluded that a certain Babbie made my week. This is a good stopping point to shout her out and thank her for contributing to my wedding in such a big way. OfcourseIsaidyes aka Khadija aka Sweetness ( created a beautiful menu to showcase my caterers yummy eats and our fun wedding colors. Thank you Khadija!!!! I cannot wait to see the pro-pictures with your menu!


Thursday July 31st- Acting a fool…

Against all of my wishes, my dear bridesmaids and local Seattle friends wanted to throw a last bash of all bashes for me 2 nights prior to my wedding. Upon Louis and I returning from running errands all day we were greeted by dozens of family members and friends, great music and yummy food at my parents house. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay to chat long because a limo was on the way to pick my girls and I up. Around9 P.M. I said goodbye to my dear husband to be and one of those hummer limos pulled up to our house. We said goodbye to my parents and set off for a night of fun!

My friend in the limo with the infamous “balloons.” I’ll share the picture with the image on the balloon hidden.


My bridesmaids and friends having a drink…

 My Hamptonion Bridesmaids…

I love my HUI!

My sister felt the need to learn how to pole dance… for some reason I think she may have done this before.

At this point in the night, my husband to be and his boys decided to crash. It actually ended up being a blast. None of our bridal party really lives near any other bridal party member so it was a huge reunion. We went to 2 more clubs rolling 15 deep (13 of which were black- I must make this point because we were in Seattle) the locals thought we were superstars or something and bought us all of our drinks for the night.

My husband to be and his best man.

All in all it was a wonderful night, we ended it with a trip to Dick Drive-In but since they didn’t have enough food, we rolled over to the closest I-hop where a few of Louis’s aunts and uncles joined us for breakfast.

Ya’ll can’t hang!

Friday August 1st – Practice makes perfect

No one warned me that reheasal would be like taming animals in a zoo. We arrived at rehearsal at 5 but didn’t get any kinda rehearsal started until close to 6:30. Jesse, my amazing wedding coordinator took control and we walked through the ceremony 3 times in under 20 minutes. Then, we were off to dinner at this low key caribbean spot (Casuelita’s for those who want to check it out in Seattle). We ended up with 15 extra people and we grubbed like there was no tomorrow.

Kristan (bff and on of my MOH) and I didn’t got to bed that night until after 4:30 AM. We were smart and chose to check into a hotel ( close to the venue the night before. We had to finish our seating chart, write the program, go get it printed (yep the night before the wedding), and squeak out some last minute details. Ladies, I cannot tell you how well my MOH and I work and perform under pressure but if this isn’t your cup of tea, do not do it.

Saturday August 2nd – With this ring, I thee wed

My beautiful cousin had paid for my bridesmaids, my future mother in-law and I to have our hair done the morning of the wedding. We still had some last minute assembling to do before the wedding so we decided to multitask at the beauty salon. I was really emotional that day so everything from someone handing me a diet coke to telling me I looked beautiful made me cry. The girls really came together to get all of my last minute tasks done.


Our stylst did an amazing job on all of our hair!

After we were made up and done up, we all headed over to Benaroya to get dressed. At this time, I don’t have any pictures of me getting ready as I spend the bulk of the time in my dressing room with my mom and aunts. My girls were cutting up in their dressing rooms…


After all were dressed. Louis (husband to be) and I had our “first look” moment/pictures. Ladies, if you are highly emotional, like me, I really suggest you do this before you walk down the aisle or you will end up with infamous ugly cry pictures. Once I receive my professional pictures back, I will share these will you.

WIth all of the jitters out of the way, we went to take pictures around the city of Seattle. Here we are getting on tha bus…

I love all of my little cousins but they were cutting up the entire day. Here they are at Hotel 1000 during the photo shoot. The flower girls kept squatting down all day because they thought they looked like mushrooms in their dresses, one of my ring bearers decided it was a good time to do da butt!

Our wedding was suppose to begin promptly at five. I don’t think We began until a little after six. Here is our beautiful wedding party entering the the theater.




And then me…scared to death. I walked halfway down the aisle alone because my dad is sick and is unable to walk me the entire way down.

I did pretty well until I looked up at my father. He completely lost it and started crying, so in turn, I began to cry. MY FATHER NEVER CRIES. All 300 some odd people who where witnessing our ceremony know this as well. Well, they all lost it as well. Louis came down to meet us at the bottom of the stage and he along with most of our bridal party were tearing up. It was a very emotional moment.

The ceremony went really well. No major hiccups, Louis and I both got a bit emotional during the exchange of our vows. WAIT, there was one little bump in our road to happiness. My darling little ring bearers. They are three and five, a bit too young to participate in the wedding in my opinion but Louis wanted them in. Midway through our first reading, the three year old decided that it was his turn to cry, the five year old put his arm around him to comfort him but the damage was done the three year old walked off the stage and into the audience. The five year old shrugs his shoulders and walks off as well. Then, I hear a whisper from the crowd. ” I need to go up there.” My other cousin (5), not in the wedding party, decides to save the day, and walks back up on the stage. THEN, the other two supposed ring bearers get back up on the stage and continue to perform there duties. Too funny!

We say I do and recede back up the aisle to sign our marriage licence and get the party started. I show this picture now, the infamous three year old retreats back up the aisle as if NOTHING happened.

Here are a few pictures from the cocktail hour I only enjoyed for about 35 minutes.



We got to make two grand entrances, one at the cocktail hour and one at dinner. Here we are entering the cocktail hour.

My maid of honor and I after 2 hours of sleep! We are still fly!

Louis, his mom, andhis cousin…there is no point where my husband did not have a drink in his hand.

My non-Seattle based bridesmaids…there’s about 25k in frequent flyer miles between these girls!

We had an amazing dinner! We cut the cake, it was ohh soo yummy, I threw the bouquet, and Louis came up with this cute idea to throw his “black book.” Basically he got a blank black book and told the told the guys that the lucky guy who caught the black book got the privilege of collecting all of the single ladies numbers. Needless to say, IT WAS A HIT!!

We set off the party with MJ’s “Wanna be starting something,” and it didn’t stop till we got enough!


My non-ethiopian friends loved when when the Ethiopian music came on, everyone really got into it!

We also had three days in a row of melse’s after the wedding. A melse (Ethiopian Tradition) is smaller reception that family and friends throw to toast to the newlyweds, and is basically another way to keep the party going. I will share more on that later! ;)

Thank you for letting me share my day with you all. I will be writing very soon on my passion, money, so if in the meantime you have any questions or suggestion for topics please feel free to email me at



-The new Mrs aka Sweetpy aka your guru to the greenback


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Aug 27, 2008
5:53 PM
#1 Tobi :

Looks like you had a blast on your wedding day Rahael!Looking forward to reading your blog.

Aug 27, 2008
6:36 PM
#2 Von :

Very nice, Rahael! I can’t wait to read more.

Aug 27, 2008
6:41 PM
#3 Latasha :

Wedding looked like so much fun. Looking forward to your blog.

Aug 27, 2008
6:59 PM
#4 Valerie :

Aww Rah! I enjoyed your blog. Keep up the good work.

Aug 28, 2008
12:16 AM
#5 Tia :

Thank you for sharing, Sweetpy! You looked gorgeous and I can’t wait to see your traditional ceremony pics! Love it!!

Aug 28, 2008
12:52 AM
#6 Cherise :

Rah, I love the blog. Felt like I was there. Thanks for sharing your day.

Sep 5, 2008
6:15 PM
#7 Porsche :

I really enjoyed your blog and I really HEART your colors. Thanks for the great pics and for sharing!

Sep 8, 2008
2:11 AM
#8 kendence :

I love your blog!!!
Thanks for sharing the pics..again. (I’ve looked through them several times

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