Babbie Biggest Loser Update And Tip Of The Week

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The Babbie Biggest Loser is heading into week five and we have a few ladies that have edged themselves to the top of the leader board. In no particular order, congratulations to….




Keep up the good work! I say that with good reason as we still have about seven weeks remaining in the challenge!

Not only are the ladies having fun losing weight, but with Gabbi's Trim & Tone Tuesday Quiz the participants have had a chance to win excellent prizes. Last week's question was correctly answered by Nika and she will be receiving an awesome Jillian Michael's workout DVD. The question was: How many calories should you burn off each day to lose one pound  week?

The answer and this week's tip:

One pound of body weight is equivalent to 3500 calories. So in order to lose one pound of weight, we need to create a calorie-deficit of 3500 calories.

We can do this by increasing our calorie expenditure, by reducing our calorie intake, or (best) by a combination of both.


Suppose you need 2000 calories a day, in order to maintain your present weight.
To lose one pound a week, you need to cut your daily calorie intake to 1500 calories.
Over 7 days, this adds up to 3500 calories.
The same result can be achieved by increasing your exercise by 200 calories/day, and reducing your calorie-intake by 300 calories/day.
That said, a combination of calorie-reduction and increased exercise makes weight loss easier to sustain. [/font]
Do you know how many calories you need to maintain your present weight? Better yet, do you know how many you're consuming each day???
Go here to find out: NutritionData BMI & Calories Burned Calculator so you can figure out what to cut out!
WARNING: It is never recommended to consume less than 1200 calories a day, unless you've consulted with a medical professional.

Have a great week ladies!

Posted by sweetpy   @   8 February 2010 9 comments

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