Babbie Biggest Loser Winter Edition!

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Hello Babbies!

It’s been a long time, and I’ve missed you all dearly, and I am so happy to be back and blogging about a slightly different topic: The Babbie Biggest Loser Challenge (Winter Season).

The Five Ws:

What: The Babbie Biggest Loser Contest is a contest to lose weight with awesome prizes like MONEY, FIT and FAB prizes (ex hydration tools, uh, I mean water bottles, gift certificates, and workout dvds), and a SMALLER dress size!

Why: It’s a good way for us Babbies to come together for a good cause (and a smaller waist size).

When: January 7th-April 1 (12 weeks)

Where: On the Babbie Biggest Loser Forum. Since that is only open to participants, I’ll be updating progress here weekly!


The Gorgeous Participants:

Cam0150, MForbes20, TxDiva1, OfcourseIsaidyes, JaxBox, Nika, CNM2010, THEHDIC

The Mods:

Gabbic3, Sweetpy (me)

Current News: Last season, Babbie White2Brown took home the gold, and right now JaxBox is in the lead with several Babbies right on her tail. Congrats to JaxBox!! If you are interested in joining the fun next season, look out for a post under Healthy Hotties in March.

Take care and stay healthy!

Tip of the week: Cutting back on calories has been proven to be a far more effective way of losing weight than cutting carbohydrates (The New England Journal of Medicine). It’s also easier too. Starting is simple, grab a journal, Word doc, or Excel spreadsheet and start logging what you eat and how much of it. Try to note the calories as you go, but if you must come back at the end of the day, then do so. Twice a week take a look at what you are eating and see where you can cut back. If you don’t know what the calorie content is of what you are eating, try these two sites: and


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