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I decided to give online dating another try. I did not have much luck the first go around. Did not even go on a date with anyone. I am hoping this time things go better.

I joined the same site I was on before. I am going to be, correction… try to be, more open minded with the whole thing. Actually give guys a chance. A few phone conversations or dates will not kill me, at least I don’t think so!

I am only looking to have fun. If something more comes out of this, that’s great. For those of you who have never online dated, part of setting up your profile. Your profile has several sections for you to fill in. General information about you, what you like to do, what you are looking for in a relationship and other random things.

It is fun reading men’s profiles. It does give you overall information on each guy. Which is helpful. I really like the messaging features on the site. It allows me to chit chat with them before exchanging numbers. All help weeding them out is helpful in finding a match.

I am a week or so into my return, so far so good. I have been sent quite a few messages, many that were ignored. I don’t feel the need to lead anyone on that I know I am not interested in at all. I’m holding a few conversations and having fun! I have moved to phone conversation with one guy.

Posted by Apearl   @   4 March 2009 1 comments

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Mar 5, 2009
12:58 AM
#1 sweetpy :

Can I live vicariously through you?? Have fun April!

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