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With only 25 days left, I will be posting more pictures of DIY projects.  Last night I finished my jumping broom.  I would have finished this project a long time ago, but I could not find a broom that I really liked.  I searched the internet and couldn’t find an online store that you could just buy a broom.  I searched craft stores and the only thing that I found was one from Michael’s that I really didn’t care for too much.  I bought two of them to put together so it didn’t look so skimpy.  That didn’t work out too well.

About a couple of weeks ago, a BABBIE posted that she bought brooms from Dollar Tree.  I stopped by a Dollar Tree ( I swear there about a hundred that are close to me) and picked up two brooms to give it a try again.  I really liked the outcome.  So I immediately got to work dressing up the broom.  I knew exactly the design for the broom.  I wanted to use the same design for the broom as the design for my bridal bouquet except I used these beautiful red orchids instead of black magic roses.

Posted by Latasha   @   4 September 2008 3 comments

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Sep 5, 2008
6:04 PM
#1 Tangy :

That is sharp – great job. Your wedding is going to be beautiful!

Sep 9, 2008
12:55 AM
#2 Cherise :

Latasha, I like it. Great job!

Sep 11, 2008
12:02 AM
#3 Gia :

very nice..who would have known a broom could be ‘pretty’. :)

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