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I’m tired. I go back to work on the 18th, so I’m trying to get as many wedding related projects done. Now, during my entire wedding planning process I didn’t bother my bridesmaids with anything. All they had to do is pay for their dress, shoes, hair and show up. Well, I needed help with something so I called my Maid of Honor and she said she didn’t want to help me. I have been having problems with her from the start. I never thought my MOH would give me such grief. This chick is a mess. I watched her kids all summer and she owes me about $500.00 for that. She said she was going to pay me when she got her stimulus check, but I didn’t see any of it. Instead, she said she’s going to have her car fixed. Umm…she has a brand new car. It’s not even a year old! I ask her about her car and she tells me that she had some bullet holes in her car that she need to get patched up. WOW…where is this chick going where people are shooting at her????? It’s not THAT bad in Detroit. I’m guessing she let someone borrow her car, but you never know these days…

So anyway, 3 weeks ago I told all my girls to make their alterations appointments for this week. Everyone made their appointment, except guess who? My MOH. I told her how much she might need for her and her daughter’s dress (her daughter is a Jr. Bridesmaid) and she flipped out. I think in total she needed about $50.00 – $15.00 for hers and $35.00 for her daughters. She damn near cursed me out. She’s actually coming out good. I bought her daughter’s dress, so she shouldn’t be fussing about anything. I know times are hard, but I don’t have much sympathy when you got a stimulus check for over 1k, and you’re going out every weekend. I’m straight on her right now. I’m supposed to go help her pick out accessories this weekend. We’ll see how that goes. I would like to stay as drama free as possible.

THEN….ok so I was on-call at David’s today. I called to ask if should report to work and they said no. So, I’m like cool, I can run around and get some things together. Well, two hours later my manager calls me. This manager is getting married in December and is driving everyone CRAZY. I swear every time she works she’s crying about something and her and her Fiance’ fight more that a little bit. She doesn’t know if she’s coming or going. So anyway, she calls me and asks if I could please come into work because someone forgot their schedule and didn’t show up. So, but this time, I’m halfway across town, visiting with family I haven’t seen in a while. At first I wasn’t going to go, but she sounded horrible and the store sounded crazy busy in the background, so I agreed to go in. I went home, changed and it took me about 30 minutes to get there. When I walk in the store, she’s looking at me all crazy and there was NO ONE in the store. She was like “You’re gonna kill me, Vee. You’re gonna kill me.” I just stare at her because I know what’s coming next. She did this shit to me once before.

“I don’t need you now. Sharon felt bad and found a ride to come to work.”

WTF?! Are you serious? So I just wasted 30 minutes and GAS just to go home??? I was beyond pissed. I think God is trying to teach me patience because a lot of people have been messing with me lately. I see the signs God, and I’m trying to be patient, but it’s so hard. I was so ready to throw something at her, then she tried to tell me about her wedding troubles. I don’t like to talk to her about wedding stuff because she treats her bridesmaids like idiots..hell she calls them idiots too. She had a fit last week because one of her bridesmaids dropped out because she’s pregnant with twins. She’s getting ready to go on bed rest…and her due date is around the time of her wedding. IMO, that was a good call on the bridesmaids part. I wouldn’t want to go into labor while standing up in a wedding. She didn’t congratulate her but she cried, stomped her feet and yelled for her whole shift. Drama queens suck.

I had to re-do my wedding bio. For some reason, my web page erased all my images :( I kept some old stuff, but added a lot of new stuff. Hopefully I’ll have it up and running by the end of this week.

My mom gave me a few more addresses so I have to send out some more invites tomorrow. I’m REALLY hoping we can stay at around 125 guests. That would be ideal.

On a happier note, my last flower girl came in and all of my bridesmaids shoes came in today. Now we are just waiting for my mom’s dress.

That’s it for tonight. I’m going to bed.

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Aug 14, 2008
11:21 PM
#1 Gia (chosen07) :

UGH wedding planning. its good, bad and ugly! keep your head up and ‘breathe’ before dealing with MOH. I hope she gets her stuff together…and fast!

Aug 15, 2008
2:23 AM
#2 Rahael :

Oh wow! Yeah it comes and goes in waves! Just know at the end of the day your doing the right thing and will have a beautiful day!

Aug 16, 2008
1:27 AM
#3 tasha :

Vee-I’m so glad I came over here to read blogs. Girl I know why you said you were going through something similar to me and my BFF!! The same thing you’re going through is what I went through during my planning and I still can’t get rid of the drama. Breathe girl, don’t let that drama get to you. You are getting’s sooo much more important that that other mess being thrown your way.

I admire you too for not shanking your boss when you got into work too. Wow!!

Aug 16, 2008
1:06 PM
#4 Val :

GIRRRRL! Wedding planning is a trip. I developed the mentality that people will unerstand where you are coming from when they plan their own. Chances are, they will be reaching out to you for help the same way you tried to get some help/cooperation from them. Don’t let anything stress you out at this point. Your wedding is going to be so beautiful. I am still mad I didn’t think of that cardbox idea you posted…lol!

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