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In moving back the date of the wedding, it seems I kept running into the same scenario. Us getting in the same city.

Having a long-distance relationship has had its benefits, such as helping us communicate, wanting to spend more time together, giving us the opportunity to miss each other. But it has also had its disadvantages, having a long-distance relationship is tough, we have to try and make time for each other and I am always tired, because I spend my weekend driving back and forth to see him and my family.

For me to move where he is, I would have to completely give up my current career track. I was already thinking of doing public affairs or communications for a company or non-profit, or go into teaching, but for teaching, I would have to go back to school for my certificate. There are no opportunities for me where he is now though.

For me, changing career paths, is a big decision and something I want to be based on ME and how I feel with the way things are going. I don’t want to do it, just because it is easier or solely because it will get us in the same city.

FI wanted me to just take any job I can find to be in the same city with him, and honestly, I just did not want to do that. I worked pretty dang hard to get my degree, so just working security at a community college or being a teller at a bank part-time, was not for me. If I end up going back to school for my certificate, I would probably substitute part-time.

For FI, a job is just a means to make money. As long as he continues to make enough to get by comfortably, he doesn’t care. And that has been working for him. He just got recruited to work at a larger retailer and is going to take the position. For him, he made more money and had more flexibility to move to the same city as me so it was a no brainier. I can’t knock his hustle, he is a great manager and has been recruited for his last three jobs moving to larger companies — each time for more money.

At the end of the conversation, which went a lot smoother than I thought, FI was fine with the decision. He said he knew when he met me, I was all about my career and he respects that. At the end of the day, as long as I have time for our potential future children and keep my family first when it is time, he just wants me to do what makes me happy. His only stipulation — that I tell his parents about the wedding being pushed back. I think they are going to be slightly disappointed. What type of mess is that? I told my mom (who was ecstatic by the way… but that is another blog)!

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