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I’m back

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I was not sure if I wanted to update you all on my dating life and the relationship I discussed here over the last year. I planned to stop writing this singles blog all together. At times I felt like I opened myself up too much. I was not sure …

13 October 2009  April,Single,THE BABBIES

The Little Things

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The smallest things mean a lot to me. It is not hard to make me happy. People often think I’m just saying that because it’s what folks say, but I mean it. The same way small things can make me happy, they can make me upset. I have new dating …

20 April 2009  April,Single,THE BABBIES

Back to Online Dating

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I decided to give online dating another try. I did not have much luck the first go around. Did not even go on a date with anyone. I am hoping this time things go better.
I joined the same site I was on before. I am going to be, correction… …

4 March 2009  April,THE BABBIES

The Aftermath

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That evening, after work I called L to talk about everything. I felt very unhappy with the previous conversation, not just the topic and out but how we had it too. When I called, I told him this was his chance to express himself because I had laid everything on …

23 February 2009  April,THE BABBIES

Communication 101

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I have learned that communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. I do not mean the general everyday communication but the important conversation type of communication! The other day we had a very serious conversation via instant messenger. Yes, I know that was the wrong way …

16 February 2009  April,THE BABBIES

I took a break

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I took a break from writing about my single life.  I have been frustrated and unsure about my relationshipe with L.  Over the last month or so, our relationship has been at a stand still. We are still talking everyday. Going on dates and hanging out at least once a …

9 February 2009  April,THE BABBIES

Gray Area

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   We’re stuck in this place… it’s called the gray area.  In the gray area we are exclusively dating but no other lines are drawn.  This area is annoying.  You are probably asking “Why is it annoying?”  Several reasons!  We are not boyfriend and girlfriend.  It is the midway point …

26 January 2009  April,THE BABBIES

The Daily

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     The daily life of exclusively dating is fun.  I am enjoying his company and all that comes with being in a new relationship.  The cute text messages, long phone calls, quiet moments cuddling on the couch and sweet acts of kindness.  The amount of time we spend together …

13 January 2009  April,THE BABBIES

The other woman

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I have never been in a relationship with a man how has a kid before.  Having the other woman in his life, his child’s mother, is new to me.  My only view of this situation is my own relationship with my daughter’s father.  Many times I have been told it …

8 January 2009  April,THE BABBIES

Getting Hurt

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I have come to the realization that I can get hurt in any relationship I enter. Friendly, lover, family, any! I have finally know this! A big fear of mine is getting hurt emotionally.
I have shared with you all my fear of falling in love. It is connected to …

29 December 2008  April,Single,THE BABBIES

Personal Changes

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I am amazed at how much my life is changing in the last few months.  Not just the regular stuff, but emotionally.  I can not even remember how I felt, less than a year ago, on my wedding day.  It is like it never existed.  I know that sounds strange, …

23 December 2008  April,THE BABBIES

Frustrated & Tired

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This dating thing is taking a tool on me. It’s frustrating. I had a friend try to tell me I started dating to soon after ending my marriage. I’m sure many would agree with her. I don’t. I’m glad I did. Kept my life, …

18 December 2008  April,Single,THE BABBIES

Moving forward

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Well… we had the “big talk”. I was told a few weeks prior “getting to the decision making point.” Which was the exact point where I freaked out. Please see Titles blog.
So… after a lot of thinking, making pro & con list, venting to my girls (who have to talk …

5 December 2008  April

Bag Lady

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: sing Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady with me :
I have baggage.  I know you’re thinking “Who doesn’t?”  Some of my bag: I have a kid, previously married, and anger issues.  I have come to realize that all baggage is not bad.  Some can go both ways.  
The thing about baggage is …

2 December 2008  April

Our past

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Everyone has a past. The thing is, some parts aren’t quite the past. It might show up at your front door.
It is hard figuring out what things you can and can not deal with in someone’s life. It is amazing how quickly their past can creep back into their lives. …

16 October 2008  April


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I’m scared of titles. Like hyperventilate, shakes, hives and the whole nine scared! This is nothing new. I have been this way since I got out of high school. I have been trying to figure out why the last few weeks.
One reason is because I have heard “My boyfriend” …

2 October 2008  April

Just when I thought

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He was out, he gets back in the game. The last two weeks have been rocky for me and the guy I’m dating. We’re going to call him, L. L and I have been dating since the end of April. Just like any other dating couple, we have been getting …

18 September 2008  April,THE BABBIES

Online Dating

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Yesterday, while I was very bored, I joined a free online dating site.! I am already on way too many social sites like facebook, myspace, and other networking sites to join ANYthing else! But I did!

I will admit it was fun making my profile and getting it started. …

8 September 2008  April

Pros & Cons

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My dating life has not been going well this week. I have been asking myself a lot of questions and thinking about things. I am still up in the air on dating more than one guy. So I made a list of pros and cons of dating more than one …

1 September 2008  April

My Frustrations

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I am sitting at home on a Friday night!  Incase you’re confused, No this is not a good thing.  I would love to go out to dinner or to a movie or even just a walk in the park.  Unfortunately I am dating a homebody, well he is at times.  …

6 August 2008  April,THE BABBIES
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