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Just call me Ms. DIY!

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When people ask me what I do during my down-time of being unemployed, I say “Wedding stuff”. I don’t elaborate because…well, in all actuality, I don’t think people are really interested in OOT bag designs, picking program ribbon or- gasp- catching amazing sales at Michael’s.
So, yes, “Wedding Stuff” is the …

22 September 2009  Ebonee,Engaged,THE BABBIES

DIY Fever: Baskets & Undies

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I’ll admit it. When the DIY bug hits me, I like to knock out a lot of projects because, honestly, I don’t know when it will hit me again! So this evening I stared back at my uncompleted flower girl baskets and felt determination (or maybe it was boredom) jolt …

9 September 2009  Ebonee,Engaged,THE BABBIES

Our Wrap-around Save the Dates!

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Here’s a sneek peek of our STD’s before we mail them.
We used damask wrap around labels and, ladies, I fell in L.O.V.E. with them!

I printed them out on full sheet CLEAR avery sticky label sheets (got a deal on them!) and then used my paper slicer to cut the labels …

DIY Cardbox!

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Totally inspired by my E-BFF Sonya, I went ahead and tackled a DIY project I’d been putting off. I purchased these totally cute damask hat boxes on sale at Ross a few months ago for the project, but had never gotten around to actually doing it.

So last night, while “The …

25 June 2009  Ebonee

Bathroom basket love!

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You know what I love? A considerate hostess. Yes, I’m one of those Joan Clayton (Girlfriends) & Monica Geller (Friends) types!

I appreciate the little things that a hostess does to make their party stand out!
A hot new trend? Bathroom baskets. A number of brides are starting to include bathroom …

21 June 2009  Ebonee

Menu Table Numbers!

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Nope…I haven’t been sipping any vino (*insert sad face here*)…I meant to type menu table numbers!
I’d been looking for something that would practically allow me to place a table number AND a menu all in the same place and kept drawing a blank! In my eyes, it’s not very cost-effective …

9 June 2009  Ebonee

Tomorrow the fat gets smashed!

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If I told you I was at my ideal size right now, I would be lying straight through my clean, white, bright teeth.

In fact, I’m far from it. You see…let me show you a picture of myself from high school.

Although you can’t see my body, you can see my face …

31 May 2009  Ebonee

Save The Dates: It’s Love!

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Can I just say that it feels like Christmas?! Seriously, I’m not joking.
Here’s our final proof of our Save the Date cards.
Oh. My. Goodness. It is love.

Honestly, when I started thinking about this and researching other Save the Date cards, I knew I wanted something to set the tone (fun, …

30 May 2009  Ebonee

Carnations for Cool Kids: Chic and CHEAP!

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Contrary to popular belief, carnations are pretty. They're pretty in look, pretty simple to assemble and bouquet and (best of all) they're pretty easy on my wallet, especially if you get them through a discount flower delivery service.
Take a look at this beautiful carnation bouquet. ::drool::

Well, I had some down …

27 May 2009  Ebonee

Hello and things like that…

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Well, hello. This is weird saying “hello” to ladies I’ve gotten to know on BAB, but…eh…this is how it must go, I suppose. (*Thanks Senam!)
Okay. Let me hype myself up about this fantabulous introduction.
::blasts Kriss Kross “I missed the bus”::
That’s better. For some reason, I always feel hype after listening …

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