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Today Was a Good Day

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This past week has been absolutely bonkers. Yesterday I was preparing to leave for clinicals and saw that my tire was almost flat. Well on further inspection, there was a huge hole in the side of my tire. I look even closer and notice that the tire …

19 August 2008  Latasha,Uncategorized

Kid in a Candy Store

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Today my sister and I went to Wayne’s Candy Warehouse here in Memphis.  Wayne’s is basically equivalent to any online candy vendor but you can actually walk in.  Let me tell you if you are a candy freak like I am, being able to grab a shopping cart and go crazy …

12 August 2008  Latasha,THE BABBIES

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

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So today is a bitter, sweet day.  I have completed my DIY invitations and put them in the mail.  You are probably thinking,  ”Why is that so sad?”  I started working on my invitations two years ago.  I went through so many changes with them and there were so many …

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