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How old are you?

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I have 8,000,000 things to accomplish…And I have done nothing… Sigh… I don’t know whats up with me… Just having focus issues today. I’m going to bribe these children into an extra long nap and take a 20 min nap in the hopes I can get my concematrations on!  But …

17 December 2009  Married,Mommy,THE BABBIES,THE HDIC

Lasagna Soup…umm ummm good!!!

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“Ohhh the weather outside is frightful…” OK so maybe I cant really sing, but I can cook. I also can take a recipe and change it to reflect exactly what my family enjoys.
A few years ago I found a recipe for Lasagna soup in one of those recipe books that you …

17 December 2009  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Lets Drink!!!!

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With the holidays fastly approaching, I know there are going to be several parties that we attend, and a few nights that im irritated with hubby being able to have a few drinks and me having to say “I’ll just have a glass of water”. Well after watching a recent episode …

4 December 2009  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

I hope no BAB will ever, ever have to get one of these but….

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If a bab so happens to have found her self stuck with a ZERO. Then I support her in her decision to move on to bigger and better things…. And to commemorate the occasion of dropping the zero to find her hero… I hope she receives a divorce cake…. Yupppp! …

10 November 2009  THE BABBIES,THE HDIC

Keep ‘em separated

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I got The Offspring song in my head. Please forgive me…
Per request  , I am updating you guys on “the break up.” Man, it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but it really has. A couple of weeks after my last post, we decided it wasn’t working and that we …

9 November 2009  Charanne,Single,THE BABBIES

Me, the girl child, and Trader Joe’s

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With the twins, 50-11 websites, 2 step kids, a husband, his election, my design stuff, and sleeping. life can get a little crazy around this joint. And sometimes I worry that my 3 year old may be getting lost in the shuffle. You see the older two have each other. …

5 November 2009  THE BABBIES,THE HDIC

A Dollar for a Wedding…

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So I’m always looking for cool stories about couples of colors and their interesting, different, and unique ideas for all things wedding… So I don’t know how I missed this couple.

That is Vanessa Caldwell and Cole Parker. And this lovely couple are doing what all of us Bab’s have done …

26 October 2009  THE BABBIES,THE HDIC

All kinds of awesome….

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So last night was my stepdaughters birthday dinner… My stepdaughter is pretty awesome… And I realllyyy can’t believe that she is 10. All I can think of is the first time I met her… She was so little and asked me to watch Finding Nemo with her and gave me …

23 October 2009  THE BABBIES,THE HDIC

I’m back

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I was not sure if I wanted to update you all on my dating life and the relationship I discussed here over the last year. I planned to stop writing this singles blog all together. At times I felt like I opened myself up too much. I was not sure …

13 October 2009  April,Single,THE BABBIES


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Well, it’s been two weeks since the break up. We’ve talked since then and it has been different. I feel as if he is actually trying, but it’s still not enough. That’s a whole ‘nother post.
I’ve told people about the break up only because they’ve asked, “how is Donovan?” and …

28 September 2009  Charanne,Single,THE BABBIES

Just call me Ms. DIY!

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When people ask me what I do during my down-time of being unemployed, I say “Wedding stuff”. I don’t elaborate because…well, in all actuality, I don’t think people are really interested in OOT bag designs, picking program ribbon or- gasp- catching amazing sales at Michael’s.
So, yes, “Wedding Stuff” is the …

22 September 2009  Ebonee,Engaged,THE BABBIES


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While this will be difficult for me, I feel that I need to share this with you since I’ve shared other things…
Yesterday, I broke up with Dono. I really don’t feel any kind of way about. One of my friends thinks this is because I have been over it for …

14 September 2009  Charanne,Single,THE BABBIES

DIY Fever: Baskets & Undies

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I’ll admit it. When the DIY bug hits me, I like to knock out a lot of projects because, honestly, I don’t know when it will hit me again! So this evening I stared back at my uncompleted flower girl baskets and felt determination (or maybe it was boredom) jolt …

9 September 2009  Ebonee,Engaged,THE BABBIES

Who gon check me Boo?

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I tweeted the short version of this but I’m interested in what the BAB’s think…
I’m at a small diner that has free wifi & 3 outlets for all of us to work on… there are like 5 of us in the whole place! LOL So usually its never an issue…
So, …

5 September 2009  THE BABBIES,THE HDIC

Guacamole Recipe

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So in honor of our Weekly Meal Planning for divas Mexican Food theme! I thought I would share my most fabulously simple guacamole recipe!!! Its my first post doing a recipe over here!!! Its an oldie but a goodie!
So I was going to show you how to make my most …

3 September 2009  THE BABBIES

Fab Bab: School Daze

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Two weeks ago, my family and I sent my little sister off to college. Not financially. That would be credit given solely to my parents. But, we drove her out there.
She’s attending PSU (Penn State University) this fall and we’re all very proud of her.
We made it into a little …

3 September 2009  Stephanie,Style,THE BABBIES

Confessions of a blog stalker…

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Well, I’m a blog-stalker. I stalk them all. Color themed, non-color themed; Country chic, extremely fancy. Budget weddings and “What budget?” weddings. I love looking at wedding blogs/sites.

There I said it.

Okay, so I was doing my usual blog stalking today and came across a picture that completely swayed my centerpiece …

27 August 2009  THE BABBIES

My Ambition? Side-Ponytail Queen!

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Wanna hear something funny? Of course you do.
When I first started looking at wedding hair-do’s, a friend of mine said
“How about a side ponytail?”
The very first image that popped into my head?

Deb from Napoleon Dynamite.
Yes, all I could imagine was walking down the aisle with the ponytail sticking out of …

24 August 2009  THE BABBIES

Some Monday Motivation !!!

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,
is not an act but a habit.

I’m off to go get my excellence on… How bout …

24 August 2009  THE BABBIES

Weekly Menu Planning – BAB Diva style!

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So if you’ve been following my latest posting over on the BAB Forum you know I am really trying to get my life in order and maximize the time I have to get the most done!  Currently I’ve adopted Google Calendar & Tasks as the holy grail of my life …

20 August 2009  THE BABBIES,THE HDIC
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