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Post Thumbnail of Garland-licious!

Isn’t it amazing how you can put “licious” behind everything and make it cool? Hehe!

Anywho, I was flipping through the Martha Stewart Weddings Summer 2009 issue, and saw this picture. Whodathunk garland could be so gorgeous?

Seriously, this made me ::drool:: a little bit. Using garland on our gazebo thingy (below) …

2 July 2009  THE BABBIES

Me? A reception dress?

Post Thumbnail of Me? A reception dress?

Can I let y’all in on a little secret? I’m seriously pondering getting a second dress to wear during the reception.


Yes, ME…one of those “trendy” brides who will do a quick change into a different dress, just to make their guests ::gasp:: in amazement!

But wait…I’m not toying with the idea …

2 July 2009  THE BABBIES

Just When You Thought You Had Gotten Enough of Me….

Post Thumbnail of Just When You Thought You Had Gotten Enough of Me....

I’m Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!
Hola. Bonjour. Al Salaam a’alaykum. Namaste. Szia. Labas. Ni Hao. Goddag. Jamba. Mique. Bore da. Or how about just plain hello?
Thanks to the wonderfulness that is Senam, I have the privilege of sharing our plans here.  This is an exciting time in that we are just under four months …

2 July 2009  THE BABBIES

Fierce your Friends with Bridesmaids Dresses!

Post Thumbnail of Fierce your Friends with Bridesmaids Dresses!

So you’ve already got your own wedding dress fabulousness all picked out and now it is time to pick out something for your dear, dear girlfriends to wear as they troop on down the aisle in support of you and your oh so dreamy hubbie to be… The decision is …


Michael Jackson Died Today

Post Thumbnail of Michael Jackson Died Today

I really don’t know what to say to ya’ll… My heart is breaking.. I never knew him but my heart, my life, my moments of joy knew him and loved him deeply.
The earliest memory I have in LIFE is sitting on my brother, Shad’s lap, watching Motown 25. I was …


DIY Cardbox!

Post Thumbnail of DIY Cardbox!

Totally inspired by my E-BFF Sonya, I went ahead and tackled a DIY project I’d been putting off. I purchased these totally cute damask hat boxes on sale at Ross a few months ago for the project, but had never gotten around to actually doing it.

So last night, while “The …

25 June 2009  Ebonee

Bathroom basket love!

Post Thumbnail of Bathroom basket love!

You know what I love? A considerate hostess. Yes, I’m one of those Joan Clayton (Girlfriends) & Monica Geller (Friends) types!

I appreciate the little things that a hostess does to make their party stand out!
A hot new trend? Bathroom baskets. A number of brides are starting to include bathroom …

21 June 2009  Ebonee

Morgan Freeman is a Foolywang…

Post Thumbnail of Morgan Freeman is a Foolywang...

I’m am sooo soo thru with this dude… First the car accident at 1 am with his wife’s best friend in the car… And now what do I wake up to this morning?
ONE News Hollywood correspondent Dominic Bowden says reports emerged overnight about 72-year-old Morgan Freeman’s affair with his 27-year-old …

19 June 2009  THE BABBIES

Happy Juneteeth !

Post Thumbnail of Happy Juneteeth !

Today is a fabulous day for Brown folks! Today is the day they finally Give US free!!! What is Juneteeth?
Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery in the U.S. State of Texas in 1865. Celebrated on June 19, …

19 June 2009  THE BABBIES

A sneak Peek!

Post Thumbnail of A sneak Peek!

Here is a sneak peek from the newest feature on the Babbie blog!
REAL BAB WEDDINGS!! We will be featuring all the fabulous ladies of bab who have had fabulous weddings and when I say FABULOUS… I mean FAB- YOU- LOUS!!! Take a look at a sneeak peek from this week’s …


Operation Happy Marriage: What do you wanna do?

Post Thumbnail of Operation Happy Marriage: What do you wanna do?

You know, I’ve been with Mr. HDIC for almost 8 years.  And in these almost eight years we have gone out on countless “dates”  but what I have noticed for us is now that we are sort of in the groove of life, babies, and  family… The whole date thing …

Look What Came In!

Post Thumbnail of Look What Came In!

Yay! How excited am I that our Save the Date magnets came in the mail today? I ordered from VistaPrint and the quality is PERFECT!

Here are a few pictures of the beauties! Now all I have to get are envelopes for the magnets!

Yes, I’m in love!


Ebonee Monique

16 June 2009  THE BABBIES

Our (tentative) Wedding Brochure!

Post Thumbnail of Our (tentative) Wedding Brochure!

Being unemployed is the pits.

So, as you can probably assume, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands and I figured it would be a great time to knock out some DIY projects. Our welcome brochure (to be included in the OOT guests boxes/bags) was one of those items. …

12 June 2009  THE BABBIES

Between me and you

Post Thumbnail of Between me and you

Secrets. Pretty much a bad word in a relationship, right? I try not to keep things from Dono as much as possible, but it’s hard some times. He is extremely close with his family. Like, thisclose. It is starting to wear on me. I want to be able to tell …

12 June 2009  Charanne,THE BABBIES

Financially Married After: Merging Finances

Post Thumbnail of Financially Married After: Merging Finances

This is the first in a series about money and marriage.
When getting married and combining your lives, some things are easy…

“Umm honey, let’s not go with your artwork.”
And some thing, well, not so easy…

“You want me to give you MY on-line banking password?!?!”
Figuring out how you will handle your …

10 June 2009  Rahel,THE BABBIES

Flowergirl Dress:Purchased!

Post Thumbnail of Flowergirl Dress:Purchased!

Yay! I FINALLY purchased the flower girl dresses! I’ve been meaning to and it had compeltely fallen off the radar. Because neither of my little beauties live near me, I’ve worked with their ::fab:: mothers to guesstimate the size. I’m pretty confident everything will go good with that.

Of course I …

9 June 2009  THE BABBIES

Menu Table Numbers!

Post Thumbnail of Menu Table Numbers!

Nope…I haven’t been sipping any vino (*insert sad face here*)…I meant to type menu table numbers!
I’d been looking for something that would practically allow me to place a table number AND a menu all in the same place and kept drawing a blank! In my eyes, it’s not very cost-effective …

9 June 2009  Ebonee


Post Thumbnail of The Etsy Ectasy #2  THE SOAP SEDUCTION

Do you smell that? I mean, I know we only know each other through the internets and all but I smell so, SO good, I BET if you put your pretty little nose up against the screen you could smell my Chocococanutta deliciousness all up and through your computer screen… …

STD Decision!

Post Thumbnail of STD Decision!

Can I just tell y’all how much it tickled me to write ‘STD decision’ in the title? Yes, I’m 27 and I still behave like I have no home-training at all. {gasp!}

So, you’ve seen our ::fabulous:: Save the Date cards have already been designed by my e-bff, Chris!

So what’s the …

7 June 2009  THE BABBIES

Fat Smash update

Post Thumbnail of Fat Smash update

Okay, I told y’all I would check back in on Sunday to let you know the update of my ‘Fat Smash’ diet. Well, let me say this…it isn’t technically a diet (and this sounds cliche) it’s really a lifestyle change.
I won’t give away everything we have to do in Phase …

7 June 2009  THE BABBIES
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