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I Got a NEW KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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And it’s to our NEW HOME!!!!!!!!

Jay and I have been trying to get this condo for about 2 months. Well, Sunday we got our confirmation and we signed on it today! So here I am just posing with my key, lol. I’m so happy. With 25 days to go, I …

3 September 2008  THE BABBIES,VEE

Can I Vent???

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I’m tired. I go back to work on the 18th, so I’m trying to get as many wedding related projects done. Now, during my entire wedding planning process I didn’t bother my bridesmaids with anything. All they had to do is pay for their dress, shoes, hair and show up. …

13 August 2008  THE BABBIES,VEE

It’s Official!!!!!!!!!!!

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Our invites are finally out of my house! Seriously, I have been working on these for like 3 weeks…

Here is a pic of me when we first started assembling them. I don’t want you to see the pic I took today. I look tired and ready to curse somebody out.

And …

12 August 2008  THE BABBIES,VEE

Too Hot!

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I’m sitting here updating my blog while I’m soaking my feet. I’ve been rough on my feet for the past couple of weeks by wearing heels to work everyday. I guess I’m finally accepting the fact that I can’t wear high heels like I used to. I can’t let them …

5 August 2008  THE BABBIES,VEE


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In wedding related news, Jay liked the cake! His favorite flavor was the cherry, so that’s the flavor we will probably end up going with ( he liked it, I liked it, and my Mom liked it) unless I can get a tier of lemon (it was soooooo good!) I …

18 July 2008  Uncategorized,VEE

Registering is Fun Stuff!

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Yeah! We registered today. We have been putting it off for a while. We had originally scheduled it for a few weeks ago, but then I found out that my Dad was sick so we postponed it. We had this date scheduled for about a week and I was actually …

6 July 2008  THE BABBIES,VEE


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So after a week of waiting, I picked up my invites on Tuesday….

One of my cards has the wrong time on them, but the vendor promised to print new ones and send them out to me today. I should receive them by either Monday or Tuesday. I love them now. …

4 July 2008  THE BABBIES,VEE

Such the Busy Bee

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I have been away for about a week. I was seeing a lot of my projects pile up, so I had to take a little break from blogging. I was a pretty productive while I was away. I’m working on my Cake Table “I Love You” letters. I’m almost done. …

3 July 2008  THE BABBIES,Uncategorized,VEE

More Progress!

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I ordered my hostess dresses a few weeks ago and they came back a month early! Gotta love David’s!

It’s the same dress I got for my Jr. Bridesmaid except hers is pearl pink like the bridesmaids. I’m going to cut these hostess dresses so they will be at knee legnth …

1 July 2008  Uncategorized,VEE

Trouble, Tastings, and Tuxes…OH MY!

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Today was a busy day for us. First, we had an appointment to look at a townhouse. I LOVED it. It was very spacious and it was very reasonably priced. Jay, on the other hand has his mind on this other place we looked at a few weeks ago. It’s …

30 June 2008  Uncategorized,VEE

More Wedding Stuff

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So I’m still having trouble with my bridesmaid and ordering her dress. I thought she went to order her dress on Monday but she never made it. So, she’s supposed to order her dress tomorrow and she’s going to call me so I can walk the saleslady through it so …

23 June 2008  Uncategorized,VEE

Wedding Updates!

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Look at my shirt. Isn’t it cute One of my fellow BABS has a Etsy store and she’s making them now. She does a great job.
Well, I got some wedding updates to share! My future Mother-in-law told me my bridal shower date!. The date is August 31, 2008. …

18 June 2008  Uncategorized,VEE


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When i got home from work I started on my Memory Candle. BABS Sldandridge and WVUMSU gave me great directions

I guess Princess wanted to be in the picture. I set the candle down to take the picture and she just walked up and lay right next to the …

16 June 2008  Uncategorized,VEE

Bridesmaid Dresses!

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I woke my Dad up to take these pics. Please forgive his foot in the pic, lol. And yes, the Pistons game was on in the background This was the only wedding related thing I did today besides write out my DIY to-do list. I was having …

13 June 2008  Uncategorized,VEE

In Bliss

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Hey there! Guess who made their way onto this fabulous blog? ME! I’m so happy to be a part of this wonderful group of BABBIES and I’m planning on staying a while.

I’m getting married September 27th, 2008 in Detroit to a wonderful man. I have been waiting for this day …

12 June 2008  THE BABBIES,VEE
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