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Every now and then I get in a mood where I just want to go through the items in my freezer and clear them out. Now this only happens during a time when I’m home bored and the freezer if full of items that I like to call “partial meal makers”. Partial meal makers are those pieces of meat or veggies that are left over from larger packs being separated. Basically, I like to purchase family packs of meat. I normally bring them home and break them down into smaller portions using my freezer bags. Well every now and then ill end  up with and odd piece or 2 (yes I normally place equal portion in my freezer bags…so stop laughing at me)

Anywhoo….when I do this…I take those remaining items out, let them defrost…and then I throw them on the grill. The family love it because they think I’ve done a ton of work and they are normally so excited because they have a ton of things to choose from at dinner time. The best part is…..there’s always almost leftovers.

Try it sometime.

This time I had chicken, ribs and steak. It was sooooo good!

Posted by Candra   @   13 October 2008 0 comments

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