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My new challenge with dating is finding my comfort zone. As we get to know each other better and figure out each others personalities the zone is being created. Though, I catch myself wondering if certain actions will make him feel uncomfortable or will be doing too much.

Some things come naturally. Head on shoulder, holding hands, the subtle touches here and there. While other things can turn out very awkward. Have us both sitting there laughing at ourselves!

I often get told by men interested in me that I am “hard to read.” I am use to hearing that, it’s who I am. I am a pretty laid back about a lot of things and very passionate about others. I know it’s confusing to someone to figure out what things get which reaction from me.

A friend of mine told me last week “Trying to figure you out is counterproductive and a waste of energy!” And they have known me for 8 years! I’m a lot of work but I am worth it. Well at least I think so!

I will continue to work on building the comfort zone for me and the man I am dating. Awkward moments and all! I am sure it will all balance out eventually, but at times it is frustrating!

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