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Well, I’m a blog-stalker. I stalk them all. Color themed, non-color themed; Country chic, extremely fancy. Budget weddings and “What budget?” weddings. I love looking at wedding blogs/sites.

There I said it.

Okay, so I was doing my usual blog stalking today and came across a picture that completely swayed my centerpiece idea. If you’re a long-time reader, you’ll know that I was thinking of possibly alternating between these as part of my centerpieces.
But now that our wedding theme has been set as a “Southern Chic/Comfort” wedding, I’m thinking that neither of these will really, really go as centerpieces. Well, that’s what my itching palm is saying. Here’s our inspiration board!

I saw these simple, yet chic, centerpieces and fell ::over, through and in:: love!

Cute, right?

Well, strangely enough, a few days BEFORE I saw these pictures, I was strolling in Michael’s and saw a gallon Mason jar on sale. Thoughts swirled in mind “What could I do with it?” so I picked it up along with some teal marbles and floating candles and hoped for the best.

Here’s what I got on my (VERY ROUGH) first trial.

Excuse the crappy pictures, it’s the Blackberry’s fault. I swear.
Note to anyone else buying floating candles, make sure you get the kind that notates that it lasts 4-6 hours. Yeah, I ended up with a few that only lasted through 2 episodes of “Family Guy” (read: 1 hour). Yeah, not cool.

We’re also having damask table runners and white tablecloths, so I think this matches our desired look, too.

Remember we’re also having these beautiful aqua mason jars lining the aisles. Totally within our “Southern Chic/Comfort” theme.

So my question is, which centerpiece idea do you think goes best with our theme?

1.) Gallon Mason jars filled with rocks and floating candles

2.) Moroccan lanterns/candle-holder thingy
3.) Something totally different
For now, I’m leaning towards the mason jars (economical and easy to put together), but we’ll see if my blog stalking leads to something else.

Ebonee Monique
Posted by eboneemonique   @   27 August 2009 2 comments

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Sep 2, 2009
4:35 PM
#1 Melissa :

I think the reason why the roses in mason jars “pop” in the pic is because of the stark contrast between the center piece (simple & humble) and the apparently very elegant surrounding reception decor (based on my very limited view of the background images). So, if you can recreate the same “opposites attract” look/feel, go with the jars.

You may also want to look into using tinted jars vs. clear if they work with your overall color scheme. I’ve seen them in light blue (see pic above), glassy green-blue and pink/rose.

Last but not least, if possible, think about using a jar that’s shorter (not as tall) as the the one shown in your mockup/trial. This will enhance the visual impact of the floating candles within. Generally, you want to avoid having the “jar” overwhelm what’s contained in it. That is why the roses work so well. Again, this presentation itself is yet another example of working the simple/humble vs. elegant/rich angle. Kinda like shabby chic in a way…….

Just my two cents ;-) Good luck. I love your website and forum.


p.s. what do you think about wrapping a ribbon or bow (to match your wedding colors) around the rim of the jar. Just think’in out loud.

Aug 26, 2012
4:20 PM
#2 Liza :

Just amazing!!! I loved your blog. Really floating candles can make things different.

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