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I like to cuddle.  I will admit I missed it a lot while in the LD marriage.  I enjoy being able to again.  Cuddling is so nice.  It is a level of intimacy, atleast to me.  Like a way to be intimate without doing too much.  Which is important while dating!

 You can not tell me after a long day of work, fighting traffic and folks getting on your nerves it does not feel great to curl up in that special person’s arms.  Then you take that deep breath.  You know what I’m talking about!

 Another one of my favorite semi-intimate actions is the forehead kiss.  It makes me melt.  Yes, I am being sappy!  Dag, I hope who I am dating or may date is reading this.


Posted by Apearl   @   18 July 2008 1 comments

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Jul 18, 2008
8:46 PM
#1 Kendra :

LOL @ “Dag, I hope who I am dating or may date is reading this. ”

I’m enjoying reading your blog : )

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