Date Night!

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The best part of being single, well second to not having to deal with someone 24/7, is date night!  It is fun to get dressed up and all cute for a date!  Well, maybe I’m alone on this feeling.  I love it!  I even do my make up, more than my normal mascara and lip gloss!  Pick out a cute outfit that fits the date of course.  Hmmm maybe I just like showing off my true diva-ness!


Date outfit


Over the last few months I have been having a lot of fun dating.  I am getting to experience new places and environments.  Simple dates, like just grabbing a quick dinner excite me.  Dag I am way too excited about this dating thing!  The fancier dates are great too.  Shoot just hanging out on the deck makes me happy.  Maybe it’s not just the getting cute thing, it could be the company.  Either way, it’s great.


Tonight I am going out with the guy I’ve been dating.  We’re going to a lounge here in downtown Atlanta.  I look forward to eating some tapas, having a few drinks and dancing.  The joys of dating!

June Date Night

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Jul 12, 2008
12:51 AM
#1 ree :

You’re just a hottie…aren’t you!!! ;)

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