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Okay, I told y’all I would check back in on Sunday to let you know the update of my ‘Fat Smash’ diet. Well, let me say this…it isn’t technically a diet (and this sounds cliche) it’s really a lifestyle change.

I won’t give away everything we have to do in Phase 1 (because I want you to support the book), but I will say that it’s the detox phase and, according to most people, the hardest phase to complete. We don’t have any breads, meat or sugar (among other things) during this phase. For me, the hardest thing to give up was bread. I love- – no, seriously LOVE bread. But after the 2nd day, it was smooth sailing. I’m currently on day 6 of 9 and feeling great. I can tell my clothes are fitting a little looser and I have had a lot more energy.

Mister Mr. and I are doing this together and can I tell you we BOTH wanted to cry when we looked at our starting pictures (BTW, I’m not posting them as they’re in our bathing suits- – ugh!). When I feel a bread crave coming on I just look at that picture and (vomit in my mouth a little) keep it moving!

So…no pictures, but at least you have my word that I’ve been on it and I’m sticking to it. Thursday we’re allowed to start SLOWLY incorporating things back in our diet and, honestly, I’m in no rush. I’ve found other things (who knew Tofu could be soooo delish?) that satisfy me and you won’t believe the $$ I’ve saved by NOT eating out (or buying wine! lmao!).

So…I’ll try to update on Thursday with my results from the first 9 days. Whew!


Ebonee Monique

Posted by eboneemonique   @   7 June 2009 3 comments

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Author Jun 8, 2009
2:21 PM
#1 Admin :

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! your doing it girl! You’re motivating me, mama! Delicious Tofu? i doubt it… Spill it!

Jun 8, 2009
6:02 PM
#2 KeepUp :

I saw Ian Smith on a TV show recently (The Doctors I think) and all I can say is hang in there! The pizza phase is coming! LOL!

Jun 8, 2009
6:02 PM
#3 JoVonn :

Good luck!

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