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The last few months of my marriage were long distance. I mainly only had to make time for phone calls. Now I am trying to find time and patience for dating. I do not have a super busy life. I got use to filling my time with other activities while doing the LDM thing. I am trying to find the balance.

I have the time for work. Not just the job that currently bring in the checks, but the one the one that will soon (speaking it into existence), my writing career. Add in motherly and family duties. Then I have my slacker time, yeah I’m one of them! Time to eat and sleep! Oh and spending time with my great circle of friends. I enjoy spending time with them. Going to dinner, the movies or out for drinks. I have included the guy I am dating in some of these activities and enjoyed it.

I know I’ll find the balance. I am still enjoying my singleness. We’ll see how I feel when it’s starts getting cold. If you’re wondering, I am still deciding on dating more than one person.

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