Garbage Bags and Hampers

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For as long as I can remember, well more like as soon as I got to an age where I could have a serious boyfriend, my mother always stressed to me that I should never “shack up”. “Why by the cow when you can get the milk for free!?” she always repeated. It was a mantra of sorts. Words to live by in her opinion.

I truly believed everything she has instilled in me when it came to the opposite sex and would eagerly tell my friends and associates who might be considering living with their boyfriends, that they would surely regret it and end up with a another broken relationship and many financial regrets.

When Rasheed entered my life, boy did my tune change. When plans for me to relocate to Atlanta became official, I surprisingly pushed for living together, while he wished to stay traditional and have separate addresses. I was thinking of our finances, while he wasn’t convinced that cohabitation was the next best step. For him, the thought of us having to share his small apartment was absolutely not an option. It must be some crazy male ego thing, but he refused to let me live in an apartment. Within a few weeks, we were house hunting in Atlanta and found a wonderful new home 30 miles outside of Atlanta. At the time, I couldn’t understand why living in an apartment was such an issue for him, but I truly felt honored that the man I loved wanted the absolute best for me even when it was better than I thought I needed at the time.

With blessing from both of our parents, we packed up our belongings and moved into our new home. It soon became clear that the move was the easy part of the adjustment. No one warned me that living with a man was going to be a HUGE change from the world that I knew. I found myself reaching the highest level of pisstivity when I would discover the ketchup was in the refrigerator and not in the pantry, when he knows darn well how much I despise cold ketchup! He can’t seem to remember to replace the garbage bag when he takes out the trash, and has an extremely hard time finding the hamper to put his dirty boxers in. Let’s not even get started on the bathroom or his office. That might be a whole different blog in itself. We found ourselves arguing over the house and its upkeep more than anything else. For at least a month straight, a day didn’t go buy that an argument ensued, resulting in me breaking into tears or throwing something. Normally, it was the latter.

Like all relationships, we worked out our kinks and came to a common ground when it came to the house. I am truly happy that we decided to live together before our marriage. It has allowed us to learn each other on a new level and will allow for us to just enjoy being newlyweds when the bid day arrives. Things are nowhere near perfect and I am still forced to eat cold Heinz at times, but at least we have an understanding. Guess it was just another step on my journey to suburban housewife.

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Aug 28, 2008
10:54 PM
#1 Cherise :

And this is why i believe folks should co-habitate before the I-DO, even if its the last 30 days prior to the wedding.
One must know what their getting themselves into.

Aug 29, 2008
6:22 AM
#2 Rahael :

Ahh yes, the cold Heinz!

-The “I don’t watch tv in bed”
-The bread in the refridgerator
-The every receipt of everything purchased for the day is dumped out on the counter, every day!

So you get the picture. It’s fun, but definately an adjustment.

Sep 1, 2008
2:01 PM
#3 Tia :

Those arguments sound all too familiar! My favorite ones: if you are off today, why does the apt look like a tornado ran through it?
Why can’t you put a new bag in the trash can after you empty it?
If you are the last to eat, why can’t you put the leftovers up?
Ah, the stresses of cohabitation…

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