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I hate the getting to know you conversations. I mean deep Deep DEEP in my heart hate them! I don’t feel like replaying my whole life history. Naming my childhood best friends and pets. How I got my nickname. Where I did this and that. Why I did this and that.

I’m seriously considering writing a essay with all that information. I’ll add in my favorite colors, flowers, and places to visit. Then I’ll just email it to a guy instead of having those conversations. That way I save myself from having a mental breakdown!

I know you’re sitting over there thinking how do you get to know someone without asking those things. I am not saying that they can not ask. Just don’t ask me all of those in the same day! Lord have mercy! This isn’t Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!

Personally, a lot of things I learn about people, I learn over time. From regular conversations where I may ask a question in response to something they say. Not by asking 21 questions every hour! I mean really what is up with a firing squad of questions?

Can you tell I don’t like dating? Now you see why I am a serial monogamous.

Posted by Apearl   @   18 June 2008 1 comments

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Jun 18, 2008
11:07 PM
#1 Charanne :

I understand where you are coming from…like you said most of the “dating” questions you can learn over time. LOL @ writing an essay. Maybe you can create a questionnaire for potential dates to fill out too! I’m sure it will get better! :)

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