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   We’re stuck in this place… it’s called the gray area.  In the gray area we are exclusively dating but no other lines are drawn.  This area is annoying.  You are probably asking “Why is it annoying?”  Several reasons!  We are not boyfriend and girlfriend.  It is the midway point between dating and bf/gf.

   Exclusively dating is great the first month or so, but after several months it gets hard.  The lines start getting blurred.  I find myself doing “girlfriend actions” because that is where my comfort level is with him.  I try not to limit what I do and feel for him, but feel I have to now.  

   We have been dating for over 6 months, exclusive since August.  We are at the decision point.  He mentioned this about 2 months ago.  At that time I had not thought about it and told him I would.  I brought it up a few weeks ago while we were cuddled up watching television.  His reaction did not make me happy.  He was surprised I asked and obviously not prepared for the conversation.  So, I let it go.  I said something about it again this week.  He pulled a Matrix move on the conversation so I let it go again.

   Now, exclusively dating means “Let’s hang out in this gray area” to me.  This sucks.  It’s like an alternate universe!  I’m sitting here wondering how did I walk into the Twilight Zone and not here that annoying music!  I am trying to be patient because I really like him, but I am not sure how much longer my patience with this situation is going to last.



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