Happy Mothers Day, Mommy…

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That is the first thing Solstice said to me this morning… That girl is made of flawless victory. I love her immensely and she is more fabulous to be around every day… That little thing is straight miraculous. She motivates me to be a better me for her,but  mostly for me. Loving her is driving me to love and treat my self with more respect everyday… 

Mother's Days have typically been fail-y for me. From Mother's Days with my mom criticizing the card or gift for not being enough or me not being enough, to Michael and his "I don't believe in them Holiday's" stuff,  to being pregnant with the twins and vomitting in my blinged out bucket, while Michael took the kids to get away from me and all the damn sickness, only to have me end up being rushed to the ER… Mother's Days have been. uh, less than stellar.

So this year, I didn't expect anything. I asked MIchael to take the kids to buy me a card, or help them hand make me one or something. As of yet, I haven't recieved it.  Maybe I will. Maybe I won't but I'll try not to let it hurt me. I also told him I thought it would be cool to write a mother's day letter from him to me that he could post on the blog… He's a good writer and letters from him always mean so much to me… But those kinds of things don't carry much weight with him. So he won't  understand why it would have been  important to me. I try to explain it… But his eyes just glaze over and he drifts away to union  mailman land. LOL. He doesn't mean it in a bad way and he's always been like this… So its one of those thing I need to accept handle deal with?.  Hell,I don't know what I need to do about it. But I know it's not going to worry me or my Mother's day. 

In his defense, he did say Happy Mother's Day this morning and make me my requested breakfast of an egg and toast and is doing the dishes and is being fantastically kind and loving.  This is a VAST improvement over past mother's days where I got a mass text message forwarded to me. I will take any joy I recieve today and be happy and count it all as joy. Also in fab husband news: last week, Michael and I  took a walk to Target where bought me this:


Ladies’ Schwinn Roxie Cruiser Bike


Holy FLYNESS BABMAN! I am in love… I have always, always, wanted an extra girly, PINK ASS BIKE!  ALWAYS! So when I found this bike I wanted it soooo bad… SO BAD.  But when I went here and here they both said they were out of stock. Its a cruel cruel world… I said ah welll and expected to get  what I could get which seemed to be a light teal-y blue Magna (gag).

So imagine the kind of SHUCKING and JIVING gleeful, HA LAY LOO, Just found out I am not the father on Maury type dance scream and general Joytasticness that occurred when MIchael and I turned the corner and saw the Pink Schwinn Roxie Cruiser awaiting us in the bike section of the Target that is about 2.3 seconds from our house…

It went something like this.

LOL Ya'll think I'm playing but as soon as I saw this beezy. I started singing, " This is your day, AMMEEENN. This is your day, AMEEENNN. The day of the LAWWDDDD!" I think I may have even done the popping and locking and diving in front of the cashier but I can't be sure… Michaels been muttering some stuff under his breath about not being able to take me out in public if I keep break dancing on command like this but whatevs, I GOT MY BIKE! Tee hee.  It was my day, amen, the day of SENNNAAMMM. The day of SENNAAAMMMM. AMEN!

I've decided to name her I was debating if it was girl or a boy. But then I decided it was a Drag Queen-y Tranny type Shim like I suspect half these chicks are. 

(Let's be honest there are at least 2 Adam's Apple's & one package bump CLEARLY visible in this picture…)

 But realistically, I envision my bike as the kind of Drag Queen that would  Lip SANK for his Liiiffeee be the winner of this: 

Side note: I am completely aware that Rupaul is a 6 foot 15 inch bald head skinny ass man. BUT WHAT THE FABULOUS?! Who is in charge of this  fierce ass flawless makeup? His lacefrontologist deserves the Nobel HairPeace Prize! Cause I could swear that those luxrious blond locks are growing out of his bald ass head every single time he hits the runway…. I am TOTALLY Jealous of His Boogie."

So anyway, I love my bike… After a very brief twitter confence with @witchdoctordash and @thecolorbrowne who reccomended Gertrude and Keisha. I went with my first mind and named her myself…

Ladies and Gentleman… I give you PinKEISHA…

pronounced PAANKK-EY-SHHA plese reespeck the pronunciationamums.

As we rolled her up to the front of Target to purchase her, almost everybody we passed stopped to comment. Cool Bike! OMG its PANK!  It made me giggle that everybody thought my bike was fab. I'm on the hunt for a basket and some streamers for her! And of course a matching fabulous pink racing outfit for me to ride her in.

PinKeisha is one of the many first steps I'm making around this joint in the whole love and respect myself thang, we talked about in the first paragraph of this blog post. That night when we first got PinKeisha. Michael, Solstice, and I went for a bike ride while my mom and the twins slept.  It was amazing. Gorgeous night, Giggling family, and me being phyisically active and loving it.  Solstice said, Mommy, your bike is AWESOME and then asked me why I didn't get a Hello Kitty Bike with training wheels like hers. LOL. What'd I tell you… Flawless victory…. 

Well I'm off to put my flower in my hair, get a healthy snack, take a nap, and then head out to go use this thing I got yesterday: 

NO NOT The Wendy's Free Frosty thing…. LMAO… I AM GOING TO THE GYYYYMMMMMM.  Cause I want to have a 100 more days where my baby girl will wake up and say, Happy Mother's Day, Mommy.

 Stay fierce, fabulous, and Happy on Mother's Day and everyday,

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May 9, 2010
7:03 PM
#1 Tashima :

Happy Mother’s Day!!! I am loving the bike. I am determined to get one after I have the baby.

May 9, 2010
11:05 PM
#2 busybodyk :

Happy Mother's Day Senam!
I LOVE the name PinKeisha!!!  That bike is HAWT!
PS – I DIED laughing at the video! Seriously I cried and everything.  It is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I think my stomach is still hurting….. Thanks for the laugh!

May 10, 2010
4:22 AM

Happy Mother’s Day!!! the post makes me remember my beloved mom

Author May 10, 2010
7:15 PM

LOL!! I’m glad you liked it… It is probably my favorite youtube video ever! I’ve seen it a million times but when he jumps in front of that lady I DIE every time..

May 15, 2010
2:39 PM
#5 boadvamma :

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!


May 19, 2010
6:24 AM
#6 Gina :

That  bike is FIERCE! I love it!  Imma need a picture of you riding in the park with the baby…

Sep 7, 2010
6:21 AM

Nice snaps, lovely ones

Apr 3, 2014
3:07 AM

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