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It’s been a minute since I updated you guys.

Work is driving me crazy because it’s getting closer and closer to our fiscal year end. I swear these people wait until the last quarter to do all the major work. Why? I don’t really understand it. I want to laugh at them, but then I can’t do that, can I?

School is better now that it is almost over! This professor has been the worst at communication, but thankfully my grade has not suffered because of it. I don’t even care about an ‘A’ right now…just give me the ‘B.’

Next week BF is coming!!!! YAY! He and his mom are flying to San Antonio, so our parents can meet. I am looking forward to it (now). I was dreading it before because his mom is totally different than my parents. Then I realized that it doesn’t matter. BF and I are the ones that matter!

Life is not really exciting right now, so I will end on that note.

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