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I have come to realize I make a major decision after few conversations and maybe (if I’m feeling nice) one date.  That decision, drum roll please, is if I even want to try to date them.  I ask myself:

 “Do I like his personality?”  Got to check this first and foremost!

 “Is he faking the funk or is he being himself?”  Folks act one way but their stories tell a different side of them.

 “Is he my type?”  Looks, personality, character and morals.


“Is he annoying?”  This is important since I am annoyed easily

“Can I see myself spending time with him?”  No need to even go out on a date if they don’t cut the cake on the phone!

 Some people are meant to be friends and not lovers.  So I might as well weed them out early.  If there is one thing I hate, it’s wasting my time.  I have wasted more than enough time on the wrong guys.  I know that my weeding process is a bit extreme but it’s my way of doing this.  I am aware that doing this can not fully prevent me from dealing with some bullish! 

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