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I have 8,000,000 things to accomplish…And I have done nothing… Sigh… I don’t know whats up with me… Just having focus issues today. I’m going to bribe these children into an extra long nap and take a 20 min nap in the hopes I can get my concematrations on!  But if I don’t get no work done today…I’m giving my self an f-minus for fabulousness ….

Cassius and Clay are WALKING! I have video but I cant get the to upload right… Figuring that out is on my list of things to do…  If you ask Clay how old he is… He will hold up one finger up in the air triumphantly! IT IS HILARIOUS!!! He will be minding his business, trying to sit on Cassius or steal food from Solstice and If you roll up on him and say, Clay, how old are you? He will Whipp that little finger out and then clap for himself in two seconds FLAT! The clapping for himself is HILARIOUS…He so proud of himself… Look like, I’m that DUDE!!!

I keep trying to get a picture together but I’m all fail all the time… LOL!

Cassius is the climber it seems! I walked into the living room yesterday and he was standing up on Solstice’s  Dora table CRACKING THE F**K UP!  He was screaming laughing…  I , on the other hand, was not amused.. I was like I’m glad you think possibly busting your head is funny… But get your little ass DOWN! He also  has an insane amount of teeth… I have no idea why but for some reason he has like 8,000 more teeth than Clay… That’s an exaggeration but them 2 extra teeth seem like a lot when you only have five.

Do you all know that Michael is fluent in spanish? AY PAPI!

LOL Any way… Solstice is “learning” Spanish from him it seems… Either that or she is learning all the bad words and how to order Elotes from the Corn lady on the corner…

If she drops something she’ll yell Chinga Su. Thankfully she doesn’t remember to add Madre after the Chinga Su. Michael told her that was a bad word and she can’t say it anymore. So she stopped saying it but now when he speaks Spanish Solstice asks, “Are those bad words daddy? Don teach me no bad words, daddy! Mommy will be mad!”

Whenever we pass by the corn lady, Solstice announces that she and Daddy speak Spanish to the  E-lott-tay lady and then the E-lott-tay ladies gives them corn and hot chips… I’m suspcious that “hot chips “is some kind of code word for “Mama. that trollop is flirting with my Daddy” but since the corn lady is 85 and only has 2 teeeth… I’m going to let that ish slide… For NOW..

I’m just kidding, but I’m ashamed to admit that hot chips means Flaming Hot Cheetos and my all organic hand mashed all breast milk fed baby girl LOVES THEM. She is totally obbsessed with Flaming Hots… She threw an actual fit in the store one time when I refused to buy them. All those hours of pumping breastmilk to give her the best…. All those  trips to Whole Paycheck! 7.99 pinapples be damned this little foolywang has the refined palate of a fat truck driver named Pookie. Sigh.  (No offense Pookie!) I love that chick though!!!

Tonight will be a lovely night! The littlest divas and I are having a girls trip!  We are going to go see Princess and the Frog and to dinner! I’m excited even though I have some reservations about the film… Its the first time Solstice has ever said ANYTHING about wanting to see any movie for real so I’m going to take her… We will be wearing Tiaras and carrying magic Wands. She doesn’t know we are going just knows we are taking a Girls trip today! If I told her little tail she would INSIST on wearing her princess dress up costume.  Even though its as thin as toilet paper and its currently negative 73 degrees out side! HA! I’m tempted to put the costume in the trunk and let her put it on when we get to the theater… After all I am the worlds most awesome mama…

What’s going on with ya’ll? What’s good… What’s bad… Whats just alright?

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Dec 18, 2009
4:10 AM
#1 Trice :

I took Taylen to see it and we skipped the princess dress but we went with the tiara as well. Her biggest tiara to be exact. I loved the movie. I went with someone from Louisiana and she was so pleased with it!

Dec 28, 2009
3:47 PM
#2 Ree :

I totally enjoyed that!!!

Dec 30, 2009
10:16 AM
#3 JoVonn :

Hilarious! It’s okay to have flamin’ cheetos ever so often. lol

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