How We Met

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Continued from Should I Go?


I think to myself, “Saved by the BEEP”.

“Could you hold on for a sec, Richard. I’m getting another call.”

“No problem,” he says.

“Hello,” I say when I click over to the other call.

“Hey, babe. What are you up to?” David asks.

“Oh, nothing. Just trying to pick out a pair of shoes.” Yeah, like I am really going to tell him that I’m on the other line with an ex-boyfriend who I was so madly in love with until I had to be put on meds for three weeks for depression when we broke up.

“So, are you ready to go?” he asks.

I hesitate. What do I do?

“Hel-lo? Babe,” David calls out to me.

“Huh? Oh, I’m sorry. What did you say, hunny?” Just give me some time to think please.

“I asked you if you were ready to go?”

“Oh. I will be. It’ll only take you 15 minutes to get here. But hold on for a sec, ok?”



“I’m here.”

Whew. While I’m nervous to tell him that I can’t meet for dinner, my heart would have been utterly disappointed if I weren’t able to hear his voice at least once more.

“Unfortunately, I can’t meet you for dinner tonight. But can you give me a call tomorrow, perhaps in the morning, so that we can do lunch?” I ask.

“Sure. Absolutely. For you, I will make the time.”

What did I just do? Did I initiate the re-opening of a chapter in my book that I sealed years ago?

“GREAT!” I say enthusiastically. “I mean, great. I’ll talk to you tomorrow then.”

“Until tomorrow. Have a good night, sweetness. Sleep well.”

“You too,” I respond hastily, and immediately pressed “talk” to switch back over to David.

“I’m sorry about that, hunny.”

“You’re cool. Who was that on the other line?” he asks.

Shit! Quick lie, Mara, quick lie!

“Oh, that was my mom. She was asking if she could claim part of her neighbor’s fence as ‘home improvement’ since it’s partly on her land although she doesn’t even own it.”

Please tell me he bought that.

“What is wrong with your mom, yo? If she’s not trying to scam you, then she’s trying to scam the government.”

“We’re not even going to discuss my mom right now. So, back to what you were saying before I got her call.”

“I was asking you –” he pauses. “Man, what was I gon’ say. Oh yeah, are you ready to go…‘cause I wanna stop by the grocery store on the way back to my apartment so that I can get some ground beef for the tacos. I was gonna switch it up on you and add some…”

Okay…now I’m depressed. Another Taco  Thursday movie night. My life has to be more exciting than this.

I remember the first time I met David. He was standing next to a pile of lumber and sheetrock. I looked directly at his shoes first, which were grungy, brown boots with his left lace dangling to the side. His jeans were rugged and sandy. He was wearing a dull blue t-shirt with paint stains across his chest, which I noticed was well defined. My eyes continued to move upward towards his muscular neck that seemed to measure the circumference of both of my hands if they were wrapped around it. Although I was standing approximately 15 feet away, I came to notice a mole on the front, right side of his neck. It made one attractive mark that could not ignore. My eyes scrolled upwards once more and halted when they noticed his big, radiant smile. His lips were a smooth brown, and his teeth were as straight as an arrow. His smile made me smile. I remember thinking to myself, “It can’t get any better than this,” until his eyes met mine. They were the color of roasted Columbian coffee beans, and his lashes appeared to be two inches long. I had never seen such beautiful dark brown eyes. My heels sunk deeper into the red clay as I stood still in one position, clamping hard to my clipboard. My clients wandered off to examine the immature foundation of my company’s new building. Meanwhile, I managed to unplant my heels and walk towards the brown rugged boots that were walking towards me.

“Hi. Mrs. Simonson, I presume,” he said to me while removing his construction gloves to greet me.

I proceeded to shake his hand and responded, “It’s MS. Simonson.”

“Oh, my apologies. I’m David Jenkins, the lead contractor on this project. I spoke with you earlier this week about Phase One.”

“Yes, Mr. Jenkins. It’s nice to finally meet you. So, you’re the Project Manager?”

He giggled. “No, ma’am. I’ve just been assigned as lead for this particular project phase. The actual Project Manager will oversee Phases Two thru Four.”

I raised my head, then nodded. “Oh, I understand. It’s sort of how I got here too. My boss, the Vice President, assigned me to ‘overseeing’ and answering questions from the crew.”

We both laughed.

“I’m just a Senior Tax Analyst,” I said.

His smiled captured my attention, but I refocused myself to be about business at hand.

“So, how much progress are you making here, Mr. Jenkins?”

“Well as you can see,” he said while turning in a 45-degree angle, pointing downward towards the foundation slab and pipes, “we have already begun to lay the foundation and set up the –”

He paused and turned towards me.

“I do apologize in advance, but I HAVE to say this, Ms. Simonson, before I lose my mind, but you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen!”

I gasped and my eyes stretched wider than a prostitute’s legs.

“My…well…thank you,” I said. I could not stop smiling.

“I’m so sorry, but I just couldn’t concentrate on my work and this meeting when I have this stunning beauty standing before me.”

He tried to draw me in with the lines, but I remained focused.

“Thank you again, Mr. Jenkins.”

“Please, please call me David.”

“Ok, David. So, can we get back to this site visit, please?”

I wish I could have said more, but I didn’t want to appear to be desperate and gullible. If only he knew that I didn’t hear a single word of his report after his bold move towards me. I found myself to be so attracted to his physique, his voice, his lips, his teeth, and his respect for me. He was a complete gentleman.

“So, there you have it. In about six months, you should be able to visualize the structure as a whole,” he said in conclusion.

“Thank you for that update. Wow, it’s amazing how much goes into constructing office buildings. I guess I never cared considering I hate to walk into one every day,” I said.

We chuckled and agreed.

“Can I ask you a question?” he asked.

“Sure you can.”

“If I were to ask you out, would you reject me?”

“Umm…I wasn’t expecting that question.”

He put his hands in his pockets and began fiddling with the rocks with his feet. “Yeah, I know,” he said.

I turned around to see if anyone was watching us. It appeared that everyone on site were already occupied.

“Why do assume that I’m single?” I asked.

“I didn’t.  But I figured no harm could be done by simply asking.  If you were taken, you would just say so.  If you’re single and don’t want to go out with me, then the worst you can say is ‘no’…and I would go back to my construction job to do what I do best – work.”

“I can respect that logic, I guess.”

“So…let me try this again.  If I were to ask you out, would you reject me?”

“Would you be shocked if I said ‘yes’?”

He jerked his hands from his pockets and gained an upright posture. “I actually would, but it wouldn’t make me any less accepting.”

I smiled and agreed to go out with the construction man who wore the grungy boots, rugged jeans, dull and painted t-shirt, and who couldn’t look any sexier to me.

“BABY!” David screamed in my ear.


I said I’ll be there in 10 minutes .”

“Ok. I’ll be ready and waiting.”

And distracted by my ex…

Posted by Samara   @   28 August 2008 7 comments

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Aug 28, 2008
9:12 PM
#1 Candra :

Dayumm you Von..I mean Samara
You keep stopping at the good parts
I need to know whats about to happen. How long am I gonna have to wait this time.
This is some bull..ish…lol

Aug 28, 2008
11:04 PM
#2 Cherise :

Von, I saw this Samara person and I was like who is that. The it hit me, so I had to read more.

“I gasped and my eyes stretched wider than a prostitute’s legs” lol

Von, you’re a great writer, love it.

Aug 29, 2008
6:13 AM
#3 Rahael :

WOW! I’m like Cherise, I was thinking who the hell is Samara. But dang, she’s got me hanging!

I cannot wait until the next installment!

Aug 30, 2008
12:48 AM
#4 tasha :

getting good!!!

Aug 31, 2008
3:23 PM
#5 Trice :

I lovez it!! I can’t wait until this is on paperback!!

Sep 1, 2008
1:50 PM
#6 Tia :

I was waiting for the next installment! You do not dissapoint-now what happens next?

Sep 17, 2008
5:19 PM
#7 Candra :

Ummmm so at what point are you going to bless us with the next part. Im jus sayin…

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