I can feeel it calling in the air tonniiggghhttt…

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This is Horrible and exquisite all at the same time…


Also why is he that drunk and still holding a Mic? And why is the woman just standing there like this is some totally normal, run of the mill type stuff… I wish she would have slapped him up right back… Now that would have been the BEST Wedding DJ Video EVER!

Posted by thehdic   @   29 June 2010 6 comments

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Jun 29, 2010
2:32 PM
#1 Dee Dee :

Ha, I saw this video on someecards. I sent it to my husband and I thought it was hilarious. The card said, "We work well together." I love this video. It looks like something me and my husband would do when we get in our silly modes. Just not in public.

Jul 14, 2010
7:27 AM

hahaha…what did the DJ eat that he acted like that?,,

Jul 21, 2010
3:43 PM
#3 ShortCake :

Actually I know a few Dj that act like that. Too funny

May 3, 2016
5:51 AM


Thanks for posting it.

Its really a disaster. It was hard watching him on stage, as all were enjoying so, may they haven’t noticed.

Yes definitely she would have slapped him for that but it seems that she was also enjoying that.

Although once again thanks for sharing it as it would help many in selecting a reputed DJ for theirs wedding.

Have a nice week ahead.

~ Harshwardhan

Mar 28, 2017
11:41 PM
#5 Wedding DJ :

This video is really awesome. I have never seen such Wedding DJ video ever as it’s bit funny to watch also.

Aug 8, 2020
1:21 PM

wow its really nice and helpful to us thank you for sharing this blog

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