I Got a NEW KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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And it’s to our NEW HOME!!!!!!!!

Jay and I have been trying to get this condo for about 2 months. Well, Sunday we got our confirmation and we signed on it today! So here I am just posing with my key, lol. I’m so happy. With 25 days to go, I thought we wouldn’t find a place until after the wedding. Now look at us :) Now we have to go shopping because I have to have it looking right. It’s a beautiful place too. We have plenty of room in case we decide to have a baby soon, If it’s up to my Mom and Jay I’d get pregnant on our wedding night. Nah, I’d like to wait at least 1 year before we officially start working on our baby making.

Short post, but I’m coming back soon with a recap of my Bridal Shower that was this past
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Sep 3, 2008
5:08 PM
#1 JoVonn :

Congratulations on the new home! We want pics!

Sep 4, 2008
6:56 PM
#2 Gia (chosen07) :

Congrats Vee!!!

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