I really do not like Fiddy…

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Like really and truly I despise him and everything he stands for as a person….BUT… I LOVEEEE This song… Especially with his rap in the beginning…  Horrible, Mysoginistic, Stupid, and women hating and I all… I dedicated too much time to learning the words of it all….. Only me at the gym being like FUCK IT and singing the entire song while on the treadmill…. LMAO!!! I didn't sing the curse worddsss though….  I'm a punk….




Oh and to the Skinny trollop on the treadmill to the left giving me the absolute side eye…. FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUU… Now ain't that some shit…

Stay Fierce, Fabulous, and Fiddy…

Posted by Admin   @   7 October 2010 1 comments

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