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I took a break from writing about my single life.  I have been frustrated and unsure about my relationshipe with L.  Over the last month or so, our relationship has been at a stand still. We are still talking everyday. Going on dates and hanging out at least once a week. Though there are days where there are huge huddles for us.

I find myself questioning if this is where I want to be. I use to do this everytime the slightest thing went wrong. That’s just me. I question everything. I’m analytical like that. The smallest things like a sudden change in our plans, a canceled date or an attitude mades me do this. I an trying to do this less.

I’ve been in bad relationships that I knew I needed to leave but didn’t. I’ve been in relationships I thought were great and realized later they were no where near great. In this one, I feel I try harder, forgive mistakes more and don’t admit when certain actions frustrate me way to much. I find myself in the medium of the good and bad relationships I’ve been in before. My mixed feelings are starting to show in my actions.

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Feb 12, 2009
1:12 PM
#1 Candra :

I say go with your gut. Youre still young,and I can only tell you what a friend of mine told me once. “Dont waste your good years” If something inside of you feels off, listen to that voice of reason. Pay close attention to the things that bother you. Think this to yourself ” Do I want to feel like I have to conform to make others feel ok”

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