Instant Messaging a new way of dating?

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“Can I have your phone number?” is going out the window. “Do you use Yahoo / AOL instant messenger?” “What is your screen name?” is in!

Screen name(sn) exchange is the new phone number exchange! Who knew! And if you did, why did you not tell me?

The first time this happened to me I thought it was a fluke. Now I see it is the new way of dating. I am all for new and innovative ways of doing things. This is one I have to admit I like.

I like exchanging sn instead of phone numbers because I do not have to literally talk to you. I can feel a man out while doing several other things on my computer. I am not good at holding a phone conversation while doing anything other than driving! I have a short attention span.

I am an internet addict. I find a way to log into my Yahoo instant messenger (yim), check my email and facebook during my work day. When I get home, logging into yim and checking my email is the first things I do. I use yim to communicate with friends and family all across the country. So why would I not use it to get to know a guy! I have told you all before how much I hate the getting to know you phase.

The beauty of yim is I can make my self invisible to people. If I do not have the time to (or feel like) talking to you I choose to be in stealth mode to you or everyone. Even when they are not online I can choose it! Best thing since sliced bread I tell you!

Another new trend in dating is exchanging Facebook or Myspace information. I am not a fan or participator of this trend. I feel my Facebook account has too much person information about me and my child on it to share with someone I am not dating. I do not use my Myspace page often but I do not share that either. Friends have told me people often ask to exchange this two so they can look at your pictures, friends and comments on your page. I assume they think they can learn more about you that way.

Our constant access to the internet has changed how we get to know someone. We can meet, get to know each other and more all online! I often here people say that is impersonal but I disagree. I think it is another way of communicating.  Times have changed!

Posted by Apearl   @   24 March 2009 1 comments

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Apr 7, 2009
8:49 PM
#1 Charanne :

There is a group on Facebook: “Forget your phone number. Give me your MySpace URL.” Or something like that. Everytime I saw someone in that group, it made me laugh because I would so say something like that.

I agree that the new forms of communication are not impersonal. It’s all what you make it!

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