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Our invites are finally out of my house! Seriously, I have been working on these for like 3 weeks…

Here is a pic of me when we first started assembling them. I don’t want you to see the pic I took today. I look tired and ready to curse somebody out.

And my final picture. All of the invites packed with love and ready to go! Seriously, I felt like screaming when I finished. It’s such a relief to have them done.

I chose to assemble my own invites to save $$$. What a big mistake! If I knew it was going to be so tedious, I would have spent the extra $$$ to have my invite lady assemble them. But anyhoo, that’s all in the past! Now I have to look forward to receiving RSVP postcards(I hope I don;t have many RSVP problems), pray that we stay at the 150 guest point and get ready for my shower :) My makeup lady said that she’s going to do my makeup free of charge for my shower. YAY for saving money! I think I’m all set now. I got the shoes, dress, makeup, and I made my hair appointment last week.

I am SO tired. I have been working non-stop and I have also been helping my Dad. We just found out that he has Prostate Cancer….but the Doctor is very hopeful and says that my Dad will recover and live a long healthy life. Thank God we caught it early. As HDIC says, we have to see him do the cupid shuffle during the reception, lol.

This is my last week off before I have to go back to work. I’m going to try and finish my card box and start on my aisle runner. I might even do my programs. I did a mock up, and it’s pretty, but it’s not where I want it just yet and that’s why I didn’t post a pic.

Jay is gone for 2 weeks…2 WEEKS! I miss him already. I took him to the airport yesterday. He says he’s having a good time in Atlanta. Him and his co-workers went to Justin’s and he said the food was really good. I was supposed to meet him down there next weekend, but I have so many things to do here plus I have to go to work :( I’m hoping Jay likes it enough that he will consider transferring down there. I wold LOVE that! I heard Georgia is in need of Teachers so I could get a job quick!

Ok, I’m getting off track. I’m just so excited to be back blogging!

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Aug 12, 2008
11:59 PM
#1 Latasha :

Congrats. I know that feeling of relief.

Author Aug 13, 2008
12:19 PM

Girl that invitation assembly is NO JOKE!! But in the long run you saved money and got to send them out looking the way that you wanted them to! Congrats on the money saving and don’t miss Jason too much!

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