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When people ask me what I do during my down-time of being unemployed, I say “Wedding stuff”. I don’t elaborate because…well, in all actuality, I don’t think people are really interested in OOT bag designs, picking program ribbon or- gasp- catching amazing sales at Michael’s.
So, yes, “Wedding Stuff” is the short way of saying “I’ve been keeping busy DIY-ing just about everything!” Well, at least in my lingo it is! :)
So today, I started on my hanging blue mason jars. If you remember I envisioned these beauties hanging from shepherd hooks with a care-free bunch of carnations inside of them. Before I could play around with how it would actually look, I had to create hooks. While searching on Weddingbee I found a tutorial by Miss Cherry Pie (I believe) on how to make easy (as pie) hooks out of raffia ribbon. I found a spool of black raffia ribbon at Michael’s for $5.00, but after my coupon it came out to about $2.50. Score!
So I started working on the hooks and had to play around with them a few times to get the right height, but I finally got it and squealed as I went outside and tried the hooks/mason jar/shepherd hooks out. (note: I purchased the hooks at Dollar Tree & the mason jars on Ebay).
Here’s a glimpse at them. The flower is something I picked up at Dollar tree as well, just for effect.

After I finished one, I went ahead and did my entire box of blue mason jars (totals 9, remember 1 broke?).

Can I reveal to y’all that this was my most rewarding DIY project thus far? It was also the easiest. I had so much raffia left over, I’m thinking about what else I can use it for! :)
When I finished that I pulled out our damask table runners, which I purchased from another bride earlier this year, and decided to play ‘mock-up centerpiece’. Yeah, I create games in my head. I need a job quick! lol! I fell in love with one of the previous pictures I posted of the simple mason jars with candles in them and decided to see how it would look with our table runners and the white table cloth. Keep in mind, our table cloths won’t be coming until mid-October, so I purchased a little flimsy one from Dollar Tree, just for this trial.
Here’s the mason jars (in 3 different sizes) with just candles.
(Note: There are a few things I’m aware of: #1 the candles will be better proportioned to the mason jar sizes and #2 flimsy white table cloths do NOT rock)

And because I felt it was missing our turquoise color, I threw some rocks in there for a little color. Here are the 3 mason jars with rocks.

I’m thinking of alternating between candles with rocks and flowers and rocks. Which one do you like best?
Ebonee Monique
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Oct 3, 2009
12:52 PM
#1 Astria :

OOOO, Cheap and awesome looking! YAY! Candles with rocks looks great, maybe get 2 candle jars with a flower jar in the middle?

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