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He was out, he gets back in the game. The last two weeks have been rocky for me and the guy I’m dating. We’re going to call him, L. L and I have been dating since the end of April. Just like any other dating couple, we have been getting to know each other and having fun. Some days our differences shine through way more than our common traits. Those days are the hardest.

I have been trying to find my peace and place with our situation. We both bring our own level of baggage to the table. Then adding in our personalities and moods, all hell can break loose! The last two weeks we have not been vibing very well and I was beginning to think that I needed to move on. Or at least place him on second string.

I was not a hundred percent sure about this move and decided to give some thought. I could tell he knew I was feeling “some type of way.” I even got frustrated knowing he could tell. Found myself wondering how he could tell and not do anything about it! I’m spoiled, what can I say.

Well, yesterday he surprised me by coming to my job and taking me to lunch. It was a nice peace offering. We talked about a lot of things and I feel a lot better. We went on a dater later that evening too. It’s funny how the star player can change the whole game!


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Sep 20, 2008
2:50 AM
#1 Candra :

hmmmmmmm so where do you go from here? I need to know the next play, and who makes it. Keep us posted : )

Sep 24, 2008
11:49 PM
#2 ellejai :

That just goes to show you that men aren’t as “dumb” as we sometimes think they are,lol. They play that role very well acting like they can’t tell when something is wrong with us. He gets points for the peace offering! That tells me that he isn’t trying to have you shake him since he did something about it! Hope you have many wonderful dates to come. :-)

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