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I got The Offspring song in my head. Please forgive me…

Per request  :) , I am updating you guys on “the break up.” Man, it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but it really has. A couple of weeks after my last post, we decided it wasn’t working and that we should stop talking altogether. I am pretty sure he went along with it, but wasn’t happy about it. I told him I appreciated the changes he was trying to make, but I felt like I was a distraction to him. I never wanted him to use me as an excuse for changes he knew he should have been making. He said I was the reason he got back into school…that I encouraged him. That’s true, but not because I wanted him in school–he wanted it. I had to draw the line at becoming an excuse. He wanted to make changes before we even met. His “motivation” was me, rather than bettering himself. I found that rather strange, but maybe that’s just me being a jerk. IDK.

I spoke with him for about ten minutes this weekend.  It was kinda weird talking to him for the first time since parting ways. He is doing well. School and work are keeping him busy. I did ask him if he was angry at me. He said, at first, he was, but not so much anymore.  I mean, I still care about him, but at this point in our lives, it will not work. Believe me, we’ve tried. :Kanye shrug:

Posted by Charanne   @   9 November 2009 4 comments

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Author Nov 10, 2009
1:32 AM
#1 thehdic :

One… I’m mad at the Kanye shrug! LMAO!!

Two… how is this you being a jerk? He should want to do things for himself… Or is there more to that? Hmmmm?

So now I want to hear all about the fabulous dates and Sex in the City lifestyle you are living now that you have moved on…

I’m off to make popcorn to enjoy while I devour all the juicy details…

Nov 14, 2009
2:51 PM
#2 April :

I just died at teh Kanye shrug!

I admire you for recognizing it is not going to work. Too many of us stay in relationships hoping something will magically change! I know the strength and internal search it takes to not only realize this but to walk away!

I agree with Senam, I can’t wait to hear about your dating fun!

Dec 8, 2009
9:42 PM
#3 De Dee :

Not the Kanye shrug?! LOL! Love it!

Dec 8, 2009
10:33 PM
#4 Charanne :

Senam: No, nothing more to the story. I have gotten strange looks from some people who I have told this too. Kinda like, well what’s wrong with what he’s doing or not doing?

April: Thanks for the support. :)

Dee Dee: I couldn’t resist!

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