10 days to go

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June 10, 2008

Okay…I just had a little stroke when I wrote that…Ten days…Ten…T-E-N…Lawd! Wow…I remember when I hit the 300 day mark…the 150 day mark…100 days…30 days…I couldn’t image I’d see 10 days to go. I’m loving life right now…I have everything now! I found a brooch last night at Burlington Coat Factory when my fiancé and I were out and about. It’s simple and cute and best of all CHEAP! $4.99. It’s going to be used to bustle my dress…I couldn’t see spending a lot on getting bustling done…Heck…I couldn’t see spending anything on getting a bustle…I’ve seen so many pictures of brides using a nice brooch to pin their train up, and I’ve always liked that look.

Like this….

Yesterday was particularly exciting…My caterer for my “Meet and Greet” dinner (kinda like a rehearsal dinner) called me to tell me he was really excited about the weekend. My girl friend called to tell me she didn’t have an outfit yet and wants me to take her shopping when she gets to Nashville…Umm…fool…naw! She lives in California…If she can’t find anything in California, she definitely won’t find it in Nashville…My DOC returned my call to let me know that I can do WHATEVER I want to do as far as decorating…(Kinda late with me verifying that considering I’ve done all my projects, lol…) And last but not least, my friend dropped off my menu, wine and cookie buffet signs…They are FIYAH!

So another day of chillaxin is in order! I just talked to my baker to confirm my colors because she’s making sugar paste flowers for my cake (for free!). She was one of the people I had the “do what you do…you’re the pro” attitude…So she’s throwing in the “EFF!! THEY COST HOW MUCH!!” sugar paste flowers because I gave her carte blanche on designing the cake. I just gave her a picture and said…”Eh…something like this…”

Being laid back has definitely paid off…All of my vendors commend me for being so laid back and not stressed out…Yeah, whatevas…We’ll see how “laid back” I am come the day of…

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Jun 11, 2008
6:52 PM
#1 Ms. A Jay :

Your Brooch is very pretty and 4.99 is a great price for bustling. SO KUDOS

Jun 11, 2008
10:25 PM
#2 Von :

Yeahhh, Ree!!! Wooooo…I’m excited for you! *sniff* I feel like my own chile is gettin’ murried. It feels like it was just yesterday you stole money out of my purse. But now look at you…you get to steal money from Larry. Mama is SO proud of you!:-D

Jun 16, 2008
12:20 AM
#3 Eve :

Ree-wow, girl the day is here. I havent been chatting for long, but look forward to your comments. Dont be scarce on the boards after tying the knot!

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