Me? A reception dress?

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Can I let y’all in on a little secret? I’m seriously pondering getting a second dress to wear during the reception.
Yes, ME…one of those “trendy” brides who will do a quick change into a different dress, just to make their guests ::gasp:: in amazement!
But wait…I’m not toying with the idea for vanity; but rather for practicality. While I’ve chosen my ceremony gown and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it…I know myself and I know when the time comes for my reception, I’ll want to boogie and not just stand in the corner looking cute. I have this picture of the dress being fitted (but still allowing for room to boogie), maybe knee length, have a sweetheart neckline and just a lot of class.
So I asked Mister Mr. what he thought about me getting a reception dress and his response?
“That’s up to you baby.”
Aaah…a man who let’s me do me.

So the search is on and I think I’ve narrowed down the style I want. Here are a few pics of dress styles I’m eyeing. Imagine all these in white (duh!)

I absolutely ADORE the last one…so very Jackie O-ish, right?


Ebonee Monique
Posted by eboneemonique   @   2 July 2009 1 comments

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Jul 7, 2009
2:13 PM
#1 Von :

I’m a fan of that white one…very vintaged!

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