Me and the husband are going out!!!

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So I just wanted to come in here and squuuuueeeeeee!! Me and the husband have a babysitting and are about to go out on the town…!

We have tickets to go see India.Arie… Who is so beautiful, soo talented, and has such a good sprirt that at time I think she might make me bi-curious….

And the headliner tonight who just makes me…. CURIOUS… Cause he sexy as hell to me…

That’s right… John Legend!! Hate the PLAYA, NOT THE GAME!! HOOOTTTIIIEEE HOOOO!!!!!

I’m soo excited! I got my cute shit on and everything… I wonder if Michael knows I might be throwing my draws up on stage… I’m just saying…. I’m not responsible for what happens when he sings, “Oridinary People”… I won’t know which way to go… LMAO

I love ya’ll and I’ll be back with pics tommorrow…

Posted by thehdic   @   20 July 2009 7 comments
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Jul 20, 2009
9:42 PM
#1 ree :

I’m jealous!!!!

Jul 21, 2009
12:22 AM
#2 Cherise :

I’m jealous too, I would loooooooove to see both India and John…have fun and enjoy.

Jul 21, 2009
1:12 AM
#3 Jennika :

Holy Cowzers! That is aweseome!!! I fluffy freak heart John Legend. When I tell you he could get it….He is having not 1, not 2, but 3 shows in Hawaii. I keep telling hubbs it would be in HIS best interest to get us tickets to go. We just went on our first married folks date the other night(I mean, getting a sitter, dinner and dancing) and I loved it! We have to do that again, but I think every weekend would be too often! Have fun fun fun, and after you toss your drawers, please hook Michael up!

Jul 21, 2009
4:21 AM
#4 thehdic :

OMG!! It was so much fun! Only problem is the twins cut the complete fool! The sitter thinks Cassius might be getting sick. My poor baby! I just check on him sleeping and he seems ok. But I’m going to see how he sleeps!

Now, I’m off to take Jennika’s advice and hook Michael up! :wink!:

:throws draws at Michael:

Jul 22, 2009
2:09 AM
#5 Tia H. :

That’s so awesome!!! I’m sorry Cass seems to be getting sick, hopefully it’s nothing. Perhaps he missed his mommy and daddy that night :o ).

Aug 19, 2015
4:29 AM
#6 Muhammad :

The Final Friday Docktail Parties are a HUGE SUCCESS!!! A BIG Shout Out goes out to CRAIG BRIDGES for your part in making the Sarasota Sailing Squadron THE PLACE TO BE on the FINAL FRIDAYS of the month. It’s a great time with a great band (from 7:30-10:00pm) and great frdeins. And is family friendly, too. We wouldn’t miss it.

Mar 12, 2016
2:37 AM

Superbly illuminating data here, thanks!

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