Monday Motivations #5 or is this #6?

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LOL.. The Operation Happy marriage in my head was also a MOnday Motivation… You know get motivated about making it do what it do with ya boo! LOL But I realize I didn't  actually say that in the video or the posting so WHOMP! LOL!

And now it is 11:06 pm and I have been trying upload the MONDAY MOTIVATION ALLLL DAMN DAY!!  I didn't have time to type it up so I did I did a quick video on it this morning… Quick and dirty in and out just upload it to yourtube and get the day a crack-a-lacking… But alas… everything is hating on me… That or I should have planned better… but I will choose everything is hating on me and keep it pushing…. Don't you give me that damn side eye, TROLLOP! I'm trying…

Anyhoo… The video is approximately 50 % done uploading  and If I don't have a fit of narcolepsy from chasing these chillun all over the world today I will post it immediately! If not We just going to have to Call this weeks Monday Motivation a Try it again Tuesday!  LOL!

I hope ya'll like these… Cause I'm enjoying doing them!

UPDATE:11:56 pm… I think I finally got it together!!

Monday Motivation! from Brown And Bridal on Vimeo.


Stay fierce, fabulous, and  Convinced that Youtube is hating on me specifically,


Posted by thehdic   @   1 March 2010 2 comments

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Mar 2, 2010
1:04 AM
#1 Dee Dee :

Loving the flower still, very Neicy Nash. ;)   Cracking up about the boob shot and the smacking (it's something that I would be doing too, all up on the camera like "is this thing on?" '**smack**). I love the videos, keep them up. These Monday motivations are a very good addition to BAB.  Oh and yes you are a flower in all of our heads! :)

Mar 2, 2010
5:42 AM

very nice, keep the good work

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