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Well… we had the “big talk”. I was told a few weeks prior “getting to the decision making point.” Which was the exact point where I freaked out. Please see Titles blog.

So… after a lot of thinking, making pro & con list, venting to my girls (who have to talk sense into me) and the “big talk” with L we are dating exclusively. I am sure some will think it is too soon, but it is working for us. Technically we were “exclusive” before. So basically we decided to put a name on it. We both feel a lot better about moving forward with a clear understanding.

We are not putting any expectations out there for us. We are “proceeding the same” as before. We decided to continue to be open and honest with each other about interest in others. Just because we’re exclusive now does not mean we have to stay that way.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, we are not using titles! Though I was told several times that conversation will be coming. For now I am breathing easy, not itching and hive free!

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