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I am sitting at home on a Friday night!  Incase you’re confused, No this is not a good thing.  I would love to go out to dinner or to a movie or even just a walk in the park.  Unfortunately I am dating a homebody, well he is at times.  I get to go out and about with him once, maybe twice a week. 


We spend a lot of time together but not always doing what I like.  I’ve mentioned things I would like to do.  About half have been done so I guess I should be happy about that.  But I am a spoiled woman.  Have been for many years and sadly I expect to continue getting most of what I want.  I’m not talking about vacations and fancy stuff.  I mean just certain dates and events.  Though homebody rather do nothing or the same stuff.  Man, this dating thing sucks!

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Aug 10, 2008
7:34 PM
#1 Candra :

April, it sounds like he’s going to “bore” you in the long run. You sure about this?

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