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You all know I loves me some kitchen gadgets. Well, I have to admit that I get it so very honest. My aunt (my mothers sister) is also a big fan of kitchen gadgets. She normally will try something and if she likes it, she will purchase one for me. My new gadget is called “Stainless Steel Soap”.

Initially I did have my reservations about this one, however, I must admit that its pretty darn good. You use it to remove strong odors from your hands such as onions and fresh garlic. You simply run water over your hands while rubbing the steel soap between your hands. Its super easy to use and well worth the money. The price range for this little thing is $10-$14. 

Posted by Candra   @   19 February 2009 2 comments

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Feb 20, 2009
6:46 PM
#1 Dricka :

That’s interesting. Do you have to replace it after a while? I really hate cutting onions and trying to get that smell out of my hands.

Apr 28, 2014
4:17 AM
#2 Stella :

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